Live longer, stop smoking

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Now our hair has turned to silver and the years have flown by, the diaries we are frightened to bin pile up taking up room and gathering dust.

They still, however, have a use as they remind us life flies by and to look after ourselves well by eating healthy foods.

I even eat and drink things I don’t like but know they help keep the doctor away.

We know we should exercise every day too, and keep our intake of alcohol to a minimum treat.

But more than all these things the most important factor in the whole world to keep healthy, wealthy and happy, is not to smoke.

If you are determined to give up this very dangerous habit, don’t have your early fag tomorrow morning.

You have gone some eight hours without one, so you can go without for the rest of your life.

But keep busy and don’t substitute by eating sweets. Use a dummy cigarette or a pen or similar to continue the action of fag to mouth.

Good luck and God Bless. I know you can do it, as I did 43 years ago when my workmate gave me this exact same advice.

Jimmy Chambers