Little need for hysteria over migration

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Marjorie Matthews must be a deeply unhappy woman (Echo, August 28).

As the migration crisis grows, the language that’s used about it gets more heated.

When people talk about other people, they reveal a lot about themselves.

This is particularly true when talking about those we dislike or fear. Mrs Matthews uses the word scroungers. Others use worlds like swarm, flood and invasion.

But the Institute of Directors believes that increasing migration to the UK correlates with and contributes to our overdue economic recovery.

Businesses complain our education system does not produce the skilled workforce they require, so they recruit from abroad.

They want to remain in the EU.

Last year, I had a lovely Polish couple move in next door, who work hard at their jobs and intend to stay here permanently and raise a family. Good luck to them.

As for immigrants staying in hotels, I’d remind Mrs Matthews of a case a few weeks ago when youngsters from Hendon smashed the stairlift to the Travelodge. Would you want a room next to them?

Charles Napier,