Little gained by the PM

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Our two MPs are ready to campaign to stay in a reformed EU but can someone tell me what reforms?

Mr Cameron got nothing.

Since his return from Europe we have witnessed the full bias of the BBC towards David Cameron and it’s been all about jobs and the economy, not Sovereignty, not fishery rights, not about control over our borders, not about being controlled by Brussels and subject to EU laws.

We can’t even dredge the rivers to stop the flooding because the EU tells us we can’t.

We pay £55million a day to the EU.

How many doctors, forces personnel, police, how many new hospitals could that money be spent on?

Our MPs have latched onto the scaremongering about jobs, and the economy.

Fact: Tesco and Nissan refused to sign up to Mr Cameron’s dodgy dossier of firms.

Fact: these MPs disregarded their constituents to vote for action in Syria.

Fact: They do not have your interests at heart.

Richy Mackem

via email