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I am very proud to say that I was born in Sunderland and like many others voted in favour of Brexit, I was further pleased that my home town led the way to leaving the EU.

I have been a life long Labour supporter until the Labour Party took my vote for granted and dismissed my right to be represented by Westminster rather than an unelected EU assembly.

With this in mind I fear that the Labour Party will attempt to overturn the democratic vote to leave Europe, this is why I will be voting for the Conservative Party in the General Election in June.

I find it ironic that the first time I will be voting for the Conservative Party instead of Labour will decide our democratic independence.

The Labour Party is still ignoring our votes in favour of Brexit and instead of pulling together for the country it continues to delay and obstruct the people’s mandate, which will lead to a more difficult exit from Europe.

Let’s have Labour listen to our vote.

D Thompson