Lights need an update

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People will probably have noticed how our ever dutiful council has put up more and more traffic lights to control our traffic, no doubt at enormous expense. Some will say they have really overdone the system on roads and so many roundabouts. Well, one gets used to them, and they can prove very handy.

Problem – getting on to winter, and Christmas, there seems to be far too many not working, saving power, can’t get bulbs, whatever.  

The council needs to address this problem urgently before car insurance companies get over-stretched.

Ground marking on roundabouts are changing. Why? Ask the nearest lamp.

Anyway, confusion reigns in this new system. The lights at the Washington end of the A1231 seem to be forever off.  

With modern technology I would have thought it possible to programme lights to change appropriately when traffic is near.

I have to approach lights, they go red, one stops, and there is no other traffic on any approach roads. Maybe one day, today will catch up to us.

Mr J A Stott