Life in square was good

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I bumped into an old mate the other day, Geordie McCain, and got talking about the good old days.

We both lived in the now infamous Plawsworth Square, Pennywell, and the unfair reputation it had.

All we could talk about was the great times we had growing up and the games we used to play. We used to chalk off the roads and walls to play football, cricket and tennis. There was games like kick the can, tidlyigo, running races round the block – Glenn Foster went on to represent England as a marathon runner – and how none of the kids went on to be pro footballers was beyond us.

Bobby Knoxhall, the comedian, and his family also lived in the square, along with many successful businessmen.

Kids came from other streets to join in. One was Davey Lavender, a posh kid from Hastings Hill, who turned out to be from Ford Estate, who always had his sailor’s outfit on. Plawsworth Square was very inclusive then and he was welcome.

At 6pm his mum used to pick him up and take him home. I heard her say once you shouldn’t be playing with those kids. I said is that because we are from Plawsworth Square? She said with a smile ‘no son, it’s because you kids are about 13 and he’s 27’ – how we all laughed. I still see many, all adults now and still good craic, especially Davey Lavender. He mightn’t have joined the Navy, but still wears the sailor suit.

Ged Taylor