Licence needed to pick up Sunderland’s street litter

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While taking my dog for a walk along Blue House Lane I was appalled, to say the least, to see the huge amount of rubbish, including broken glass, littered every inch of the way.

You couldn’t help but worry, because of the scorching hot sunny weather we were experiencing, of the high risk of fires from the shattered glass next to a group of garages.

I felt enthusiastic to encourage people to get together to help clear up this appalling mess, only to be informed – it’s against Health and Safety laws to pick up street litter without a licence.

What a stupid pathetic country we live in.

If this is the law then it’s time now we have it changed into the commonsense wishes of our citizens.

The biweekly bin collections contribute to the street mess, but it’s no excuse for this dangerous to health filth, with which only the rats are laughing at.

And as far as the lazy litter louts are concerned, it’s about time our Government cleaned up its act by getting really tough with them.

In Singapore you can be jailed for dropping chewing gum.

Singapore is the only country in the world to ever achieve zero crime.

Jimmy Chambers,