Letters, Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

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Capitalism divides country in two

WHY do governments, whether Tory or Labour, allow immigration into the UK? Well, it’s like this: immigrant workers increase the pool of available labour. By so doing they suppress the ability of native labour to demand a “fairer” remuneration.

The owners of industry, as opposed to the sellers of labour, think this is a well-hard idea. Keep the plebs from getting ideas above their station.

We actually live in two different countries. On the one hand, we have a tiny minority of people, who own and control this land.

On the obverse side of the coin, we have us, the vast majority, whose only real possession, is our ability to labour, to use our mental and physical abilities to earn a wage or salary.

According to the Land Registry, 75 per cent of the land mass of the UK belongs to approximately 1,400 people. I am not one of them, are you?

The figures on share ownership are similarly skewed, with less than one per cent of the population owning over 99 per cent of all marketable shares.

For the mouthpieces of capitalism to say “we are all in this together” is arrant lies and nonsense.

Capitalism is not fair to the vast majority of us. It does not work in our interests. It subverts our essential nature as co-operative human beings. It and they treat us as dumb adjuncts to the productive process that affords them vast wealth and opulence while at the same time condemning us, the majority, to stress, poverty, starvation, homelessness, misery, insecurity, etc.

Only a revolution in thought and understanding of this reality will serve to free us from this penury. Only a working together by us, the disenfranchised and powerless, within the present system, capitalism, will ensure that we live in a world where we all can live in dignity, inclusion and empowerment and not in want, insecurity and fear.

Steve Colborn, Ivy Avenue, Deneside, Seaham

Show an example

IN the light of the violence we have seen in some of our cities, the Echo is sending out the wrong message to our young people. Scaremongering never solved anything.

The cuts are affecting us all up and down the country. That doesn’t mean our young people will be going about looting, starting fires in shops and mugging people on the streets. They are mostly law-abiding people.

The Echo, Back on the Map, and all the other scaremongers and hand-wringers should be showing a better example to our young people.

D. J. Wright, Appley Terrace, Roker

Give Bruce time

WHAT is it with Sunderland fans like Paul Forster (Echo, August 29)? I think that the pressure they heap on the manager is a disgrace.In his letter he thanked Niall Quinn for giving Steve Bruce the job then suggests Ellis Short should make a decision on the manager’s future soon.

Before the season started I had a letter in the Echo advising supporters not too expect too much too soon. I would hazard a guess that I am in a better position than Mr Forster to judge Steve Bruce because I have been a supporter for many years and the writer is typical of the new breed of Sunderland supporters who think that the club has a divine right to success.

Why can’t these people face facts? Steve Bruce has assembled a new team which will take time to gel. Judge the man at the end of the season. Or, in fact, extend his contract to five years and make a decision then.

I really cannot understand these people. Do they not realise what a negative effect it has on the team with all their unjustified complaints?

The trouble is Sunderland over-achieved last season and no one can blame Bruce for the sale of Jones and Bent.

These expectations of success only seem to happen in the North East. That’s why neither SAFC or our neighbours up the road will ever win anything. The changeover in managers between the two clubs is surely a example on how not to provide stability, and stability is the only key to be a success in any sport.

Many of these moaning minnies simply jumped on the bandwagon when SoL was built. They were on sailing on the crest of a wave with Peter Reid, but before that it was a disaster. Almost every other season there was a different manager, none of whom brought sucess, so heed my advice and give Steve Bruce a break

Mick “The Pen” Brown

Patient’s thanks

I AND my family wish to express our sincere gratitude to the medical staff at Sunderland Royal Hospital, also all the nursing staff on Ward C36 Reablement Team North for their help, and all neighbours for the cards and flowers I received. Thank you.

Jenny Graham, Hipsburn Drive, Sunderland