Letters, Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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Concern over car parking issues

CURRENTLY the residents of Durham Road, staff and students of Bede College and the Children’s Centre use Tudor Grove/Ettrick Grove/Seaforth Road as an overflow car park.

 Bede College has recently completed its new development of the Sports Academy and the Performing Visual Arts Centre.

 From September this year the student numbers will increase from 2,000 to 2,700. There are currently approximately 350 car parking spaces for students and staff and also the Goals Centre.

 This will have a massive impact on the existing highway network which will cause more parking problems in the area.

 Daytime visitors to Durham Road, Monday to Friday, have to park in Tudor Grove/Ettrick Grove due to the 20-minute restriction on the layby outside of the Bede Centre. Is this how the Royal Hospital in Chester Road/Kayll Road parking problems started?

 Can we avoid the same car parking problems and permit problem for residents and can we avoid the same issues?

Name and address supplied.

Ashya story is a warning on NHS

THE story of Ashya King’s removal from the hospital in Southampton seems so far away, and of no need to giving a great deal of thought.

 But the ramifications of the brave decision by the child’s parents is a massive warning as to future of the National Health Service.

 Its not the child’s removal but this Conservative government’s, alongside the Liberals, decision to put a price on a child’s life.

 The decision not to give proton beam therapy to Ashya, or any child with brain cancer, is all down to the cost – that’s why the parents have taken this massive decision to take their child out of hospital and to another country in search of treatment. The NHS was once the envy of the world, and now this government is selling it of to their

friends for less than half-price.

 Michael Portillo said recently the government has to lie about the dismantling of the NHS because the voters would not accept it. Heaven help anyone in the future under this government who can’t afford to pay for hospital treatment, because the Conservative manta is if you can’t afford it, you ain’t getting it.

Ged Taylor,


Tommy visit was a real triumph

SO pleased Tommy is to stay in Seaham. The fund-raising efforts have been remarkable and the statue a triumph for artist Ray Lonsdale.

 A friend and I had heard so much about Tommy, we came to see him a few days ago.

 As we got off the bus from Sunderland, a woman said, “Have you come to see Tommy? He’s just down there.”

And there he was. Magnificent!

 A perfect way to commemorate the start of World War One.

Patricia Rigg.