Letters, Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

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The EU: enough is enough

HOW much longer can the Coalition Government continue to deny the electorate a say on our membership of the EU, and keep quiet the ramification of the EU Constitution (or “Lisbon Treaty”)? Clandestinely, Britain has surrendered its sovereign power to a hostile, corrupt and power-mad autocracy.

Last year, an all-party delegation presented a 400,000-name petition to the Prime Minister, demanding Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. Support for EU-sceptic parties across Europe continues to grow, the Better Off Out campaigns gather increasing momentum and concern mounts further among Conservative ranks that voters will again defect to Ukip in the 2014 European Parliamentary elections and the General Election in 2015.

The European Bill to require a referendum before more powers are surrendered is meaningless – Lisbon was a “self-amending treaty”, the contents of which have never been made clear – just like all the previous treaties signed by our traitorous leaders since 1973.

The European Court of Human Rights now demands we give prisoners the vote and forbids us deporting foreign criminals, while numerous Britons have been arrested on European Arrest Warrants and subjected to a drawn out Corpus Juris (presumed guilty) legal system.

Any laws we introduce to curb immigration and the granting of visas cannot apply to EU citizens, but discriminate against the Commonwealth countries. What did we fight two world wards for exactly? Sorry, “European civil wars” in EU speak.

The real cost of the UK’s EU membership is now put at £120billion a year and about to rise again – all for the privilege of being bullied by Brussels. One of the last acts of Labour Chancellor Alistair Darling was to hand over £13billion of British taxpayers’ money to prop up the euro, even though we never joined it – roughly the amount to be saved in the disastrous defence cuts. Meanwhile, we continue to surrender our defence and strategic assets to the Franco-German alliances that is the EU, whilst they operate protectionism.

British subjects weren’t asked about European citizenship and never wanted it. No one in the UK below the age of 55 has had any say whatsoever. If you don’t want it either, demand a binding referendum on or continued member of the EU now.

David Caslaw, Sunderland

Just ignore Mick

I’M usually a keen reader of the Letters Page. Whether the topic is serious, whimsical or humorous, I don’t mind. But we do have important issues facing us in Sunderland and there’s usually room for just four letters on each page.

Mick the Pen Brown is not the most humorous contributor you have, although you seem to think so. By now we all know he’s just a mischievous wind-up merchant.

What exasperates me is the letters you publish from people who get wound up by Mick’s observations. Don’t they understand they’ve fallen into the very trap he’s set for them? The latest came from Dorothy Lambert. She’s so upset by Mick’s comments on exams results, she just had to tell us about her daughters’ A-level achievements. Give me strength. Why take Mick’s jibes as a personal insult? How many times have I seen this phrase: “I don’t know who Mick the Pen is, and I have no desire to meet him ...”

By encouraging people to reply to Mick, you’ve reduced the Letters Page of a major provincial newspaper to a farce.

Martin Welbourne, Chester Road, Sunderland

Cultural equality?

ROD Hepplewhite (September 11) points to an extension on the side of an existing church as proof of the council meeting the needs of local communities. Given that a building has existed on the same Hylton Road site for 150 years, that it didn’t involve a change of use, or that it wasn’t owned by the council, frankly I’m a loss to see the comparison.

However, I specifically pointed to the lack of cultural/communal facilities. Newcastle for instance, provides funding for the Tyneside Irish Centre, and there are other support groups for the Scots and Welsh. What does Sunderland provide for them?

The English of course have long been seen as the runt of the multicultural litter. Any thought of giving us the same recognition as other communities is totally alien to many people, especially those walking the corridors of power.

If Mr Hepplewhite believes we are all given the same consideration, perhaps he can point me in the direction of the nearest centre which would serve our needs.

M. Brown, Hendon Road, Sunderland

Time to pay up

WHEN are Sunderland’s Labour Council going to get their heads out of the sand and pay the local council workers equal pay? It will put thousands of pounds in the local economy as people will spend it.

If this is Labour, I am ex- Labour.

Mr P. Tate, Alston Crescent, Fulwell, Sunderland

Search Party

WE are searching for Hildegard Stamp, nee Holtorf.

If still alive, she’s about 82 years old. She’s my husband’s maternal aunt.

She left her home in Germany after the Second World War to follow her husband Tom, who was a British soldier in nothern Germany. We know some of her children’s names: John, Thomas, Richard, Cherley, and her grandson Brian.

Hildegard has four sisters and three late brothers.

The last address we know is 15 Canterbury Road, Hylton Castle, Sunderland.

My mother-in-law desires to know what happened to her sister, if she’s still alive, where she’s living now.

Christina Lüders, Humsterdorf 15, 25599 Wewelsfleth, Germany email: christina-lueders@web.de

I HAVE a photograph that l would like to pass on.

The photograph was taken in 1920/1930s. Written on the back is “Mrs Dickinson & Family – The Esplanade”. In the photograph is Mrs Dickinson with four children. The eldest is a boy of about nine, there are two girls aged about eight and six with a baby of less than a year in Mrs Dickinson’s arms.

Are you a descendant of Mrs Dickinson? Please contact me and l will arrange for the photograph to be forwarded to you.

Dennis Robinson, Tel. 02072 091588, Email: dennis.robinson@blueyonder.co.uk

I WILL be celebrating my Golden Wedding on October 6 and I would like these people to contact me: Mavis Hardy, Evelyn Morton, Brenda Brown, June Avierre, Joyce Hudson, Freda Pylus, Rose Place or anyone I have missed out.

They can contact me on 0191 548 3787.

Mrs L. Talbot, Nye Dene, Castletown, Sunderland

I WOULD like to get in touch with Bill Thompson who worked with me at Shotton on prefabs 1946/47. We were apprentice joiners in the snow.

Bill lived in Hendon and went to work in Thompson’s shipyard. We played football on the gasworks field. Bill’s uncle got him the job.

I wonder if Bill’s family could contact me?

Jim Kelly, 13 Meadow Drive, South Hylton,


Tel. 0191 5511481

IN THE 1950s I lived in Sunderland.

I became friends with Ashley, Carmen and Rusiani Da Silva. They lived in Tunstall Road, Ashbrooke, Sunderland.

Would it be possible to see if anyone knows where they are now?

They came from what was known as Ceylon.

Here’s hoping, fingers crossed.

Marguerita Lowder, 3 Green Acres, Kirkhill, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 2AD