Letters, Wednesday September 12, 2012

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Burning books is a safety concern

IN her continuing narrative against public sector cuts, Houghton and Sunderland South MP Bridget Phillipson has switched her attention from bus services to the fire and rescue services (Echo, September 7). However, she remained in denial about the reasons for these cuts: Labour’s mismanagement of the economy between 1997 and 2010 and the fact that if in the unlikely event Labour wins the 2015 General Election, they 
will not restore these cuts and 
will have to continue to reduce the burden of public sector spending.

 I do, however, share her concern that the public need to more aware of the risks of fire and the pressure that puts on the fire and rescue services.

In this vein, I hope she will join with me in concerning the actions of those people who in the last few weeks have been calling for the public burning of books, not just as an assault on the freedom of expression, but as a danger to public safety.

D McDonald


Listen to people

Since the end of the Second World War, successive politicians in the West became complacent that the empire would always prevail.

Like the Romans and all others that have gone before and after, complacency destroyed their standards of living and their socio-economic dominance.

Like the leaders of these former economic and military powers, they could not see the wood for the trees and what was happening in the wider world.

They never took any notice of outsiders or their advice and eventually when all the walls came down, they were oblivious to how this had happened or 

Indeed these former empires were insular. Does this all ring a similar bell with the EU? If people have any intelligence it should as it is becoming fact.

The EU has all the hallmarks and pointers that these former empires had before they were destroyed by external forces. Credit Default Swaps (CDS) from the early 1990s are a part of the reason why the EU has become a central platform to support at all cost with the people’s wealth and money.

The thinking of our EU leaders and senior bureaucrats that have managed all this decline has been sheer madness and eventually there will be only one loser: the 500million European citizens.

On our present path, I can predict fairly accurately that by 2035 the people of Europe will be predominantly enslaved economically by external forces, just like the Romans were and all others that have gone before them and indeed after.

History always repeats itself eventually and something that our so-called EU elites and leaders have no comprehension of, just like the Caesars of the past that were destroyed by not understanding what was really happening outside their control and where complacency was always the reason why all this came to pass.

Unfortunately our so-called brilliant minds running the EU have not a clue and where their thinking just adds to the dire problem year-on-year.

But the greatest crime that they commit against the people of the EU is that they do not listen to others and only themselves.

Dr David Hill

Chief Executive

World Innovation Foundation

United Kingdom & Switzerland

I’m feeling blue

You would think more recycling and less landfill would be everyone’s target. Not Durham County Council it seems.

My neighbour, who has two blue bins as he has a large family, was refused collection of one recycling bin because “it wasnt registered”.

After a week of phone calls, he was told to put the bin out last wednesday (the wrong week ) and they would send a truck to collect it.

The dustcart for the landfill waste came down the road and you guessed it, took the recycling as well.

What’s the point?

Ralph Arnold

Parkside Crescent


Could it be magic?

IN March, I wrote to The Bridges shopping centre to ask the bosses to bring into The Bridges a magic shop. No luck.

So a few weeks ago, I thought I would try for my last attempt.

Again I’ve wrote to them. I hope this time I’m lucky.

Back in March I thought I would do my bit for Sunderland, because I was sick of seeing empty shops about.

I may be jumping the gun here, but I’m so sure that Sunderland will get that magic shop that I’ve already wrote out a “thank- you” letter for the bosses of our shopping mall.

When Sunderland gets the magic shop then I will post that letter to the Echo Letters’ Page. That will be my way to say to the bosses, thank you.

Edwin Robinson

Zetland Square