Letters, Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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Animal abuse not taken seriously

I RECENTLY read with disgust the reports about local thugs in Seaham who tortured a stolen pet rabbit to death.

 This is completely unacceptable in our society and I was appalled to learn that they only received community sentences.

 Crimes like this deserve jail. These thugs got away virtually scot-free with a community sentence.

 It is time we started to take animal abuse seriously; even in the most serious of abuse cases, the maximum sentence is far too low, with the maximum sentence being less than a year.

 It is high time the Government increased the highest possible sentence to ensure a much tougher punishment for those carrying out these disgusting crimes.

Jonathan Arnott MEP,

UKIP, North East Region

A common tactic

I REFER to Mr Quinn’s letter of September 27 in which he claims I had stated that “it’s ridiculous to claim the NHS was the envy of the world”.

 It is a common tactic when unable to challenge a statement, to misrepresent or indeed invent a statement to attack.

 I can categorically state that I did not write what Mr Quinn claims.

 I did challenge a comment by a previous writer. I quoted that comment which was clearly marked with quotation marks as follows: “The NHS was once the envy of the world, and now this Government is selling it off to their friends for less than half-price.”

 Please, Mr Quinn, by all means respond but make your comments accurate and factual.

Alan Wright.

High Barnes

Rubbish carry on

I SEE Durham County Council has decided to charge £20 to empty our garden waste bins.

 Can anyone tell me why we pay council tax? I thought some of the money was to empty our bins, so why should we have to pay for this service?

 Once the council gets away with charging this fee, it will only be a matter of time before our councillors vote to charge us to empty our other bins.

 I urge everyone to refuse to pay this charge and then the council will not reach its recycling target either. On another subject, is anyone sick of dogs barking all day in the Westlea and Dalton Heights area in Seaham, or is it just me?

Name supplied,


Oh no, not again

SUE Pollard says she is looking forward to the pantomime – unfortunately, I am not.

 This type of show is more than 100 years old and is now out of date. The humour is childish and terribly predictable.

 The theatre will be full of kids waving illuminated wands in the air and shouting “he’s behind you” and “oh no he isn’t”.

 I can predict that two adults will be dressed as a cow and it will be so easily obvious to spot that it’s human.

 Many cities have stopped pantomimes because of dwindling audiences who prefer proper entertainment like the ballet or opera. I, for one, agree with that train of thought.

Mick, The Pen, Brown