Letters, Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

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Another example of EU control

THE full scale of the damage to Britain’s parliamentary rights has once again been pinpointed by the latest attempt by the alleged terrorist Abu Hamza to escape retribution.

The European Court of Human Rights imposed on this country their ruling that he could not be deported because he would not receive a fair hearing in the United States. After much deliberation and time wasting and the millions of pounds cost to the British taxpayer, they relented and said that British courts could go ahead and allow him to be extradited to the United States.

Guess what happened? His lawyers, no doubt being funded by more taxpayers’ money, have launched yet another appeal against the courts. Just how long will it take this Government of ours, despite being shackled by that power-seeking minority rump of Lib-Dems, to dismiss any more delaying tactics and just get him out of our country?

Further, the latest impositions being inflicted upon the UK by the European Union is that they want more bale-out money from this country to bolster the Spanish Government’s economy by helping to pay off its debts. Already the UK is providing huge sums to the World Bank to subsidise EU indebtedness even though we are not part of the euro currency.

This same government is still forking out millions to India, Pakistan and Afghanistan when it would be much better spent in this country.

The two shady powers who are willing to support by throwing good money after bad are, of course, France and Germany who both state that they will pay as much as it takes to keep Greece in the European Union.

Since the crisis with the Greece bale-out, the leaders of the EU have held over 100 summit meetings while attempting to solve that country’s financial problems. Surely common sense should prevail?

The truth is that the EU will continue to underwrite its problems to help realise the “grand plan”, which is to remove the sovereignty of member states, to create a federal super state that will govern every aspect of life.

The British people are at last beginning to realise that the longer we stay shackled to the EU, the less likely we will be to return to a sovereign state that can manage its own affairs and trade with the rest of the world as a free member not being told what to do and when to do it.

Councillor George Howe, Fulwell Ward

Road pricing

In 2007, the Government backed down after 1.8million people signed a petition against road pricing. Wary of that, the newly-elected Coalition Government promised not to bring in road pricing (other than for lorries) or even prepare for it.

Although the Government would consider levying tolls on totally new major roads like motorways, we were assured that our existing roads would not be tolled.

There is now the threat of major routes in England effectively being sold off, and the public being charged to use existing roads. The Government has quietly started engaging with local authorities with a view to softening up public opinion.

The driving public has paid something like £500billion into the roads since 1997, with only a fraction spent back. To charge us even more for driving on inadequate roads would be adding insult to injury

There is actually money for improving our roads, only it is spent on the wrong things – like HS2 and financing roads in other developed countries.

I encourage readers to write to their MP c/o House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA to say “Can’t pay, won’t pay”.

Brian Gregory, Chairman, Association of British Drivers

Brass band plea

THE last brass band in the area (except for the Salvation Army bands) is the City of Sunderland, which plays for charitable and social functions and has future commitments to give performances at local events.

The band needs more brass players, so I ask that any brass player (of any age) to come and join us.

We practise every Wednesday at 7.30pm in West Community Centre, on the corner of Chester Road/Sorley Street.

For details ring Gordon on (0191) 534 2694 or view our Facebook site.

G.T. Stubbs, Sunderland

Relevant views

AS a resident of Millfield, Marjorie Matthews’ views are totally relevant to the debate over the proposed mosque. Why then does Gary Duncan, who I believe lives in another part of the city, feel the need to mention her support of the Tory Party? What has one got to do with the other?

Perhaps it would have been equally prudent of him to mention his association with the pro-Muslim Respect Party when declaring his support for the venture.

M. Brown, Hendon Road, Sunderland