Letters, Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Political figures just don’t add up

WHEN Tony Blair became prime minister in 1997 one of the first things he did was call in the Low Wage Commission and a minimum wage of £3.50 an hour for 21-year-olds and £4.80 an hour for over 21 years was introduced – these were poverty wages.

 He then opened our borders up and let millions of immigrants into our country. He also invaded Iraq and left it in a mess.

 In 2007, Gordon Brown became PM and Mr Blair took the job of Peace Envoy to the Middle East.

 In 2010, David Cameron and the Tory Party came to power in a coalition with the Lib Dems.

 In recent reports on the telly and in the press we have more than 950 MPs.

 Recently we had a referendum in Scotland to leave our UK. The Tories sent people up to tell the Scots not to leave the UK. Gordon Brown gave a fine speech and said they should support Ed Miliband’s Labour Party, and the result of the referendum was the Scots voted not to leave the UK.

 David Cameron said the Queen was purring over the result.

 The political parties have been holding their party conferences. 

 The first party to have its conference was the Labour Party. Its leader Ed Miliband is a New Labour Party MP with a constituency in Doncaster. Ed says if he is PM in 2020 he is going to lift the minimum wage to £8 an hour.

 Recently a Scots lassie on television said that Aldi opened a store where she lives and she gets £9.50 an hour for stacking shelves. In Seaham Harbour, Aldi has a store and is advertising for Under Managers at £23,000 a year and for shelf stackers £9.20 an hour.

 David Cameron had his Tory conference next but he says he is still trying to sort out the state of our country left by Gordon Brown’s party. The Lib Dems have just finished their conference.

 At the moment we have roughly 950 MPs. The Queen should assemble her Parliament and John Bercow should make each member give him their name, which political party they are a member of and which constituency they represent.

 There are actually only 640 MPs in Parliament, so who are these other MPs?

 And who are these 25 Scots claiming they are MPs.

P Haswell,


New square is not a celebration at all

MR J Stott, from Washington, asks do Sunderland councillors not use a dictionary? (October 13).

 Obviously not if the phrase “To celebrate Sunderland’s shipbuilding history” is anything to go by.

 This phrase has been used

many times in connection with the new town square.

 In my dictionary, the word celebrate means rejoice, praise, salute, honour, glorify, magnify and laud, and what pray tell has the council come up with to celebrate Sunderland’s shipbuilding past?

 A totally bland, drab town square, some dull innocuous benches and a banal black line (the Keel Line) that will be very reminiscent of a skid mark from a heavy wagon.

 Couldn’t someone have come up with something that vaguely resembles a ship?

 The men that worked in those shipyards put Sunderland on the map, they were the worlds best bar none, and they and Sunderland deserve the best.

 For my money they are being given a long way less than even second best in the form of that square – and what’s going to be in it?

 Celebrate! I think that the phrase “mourning Sunderland’s shipbuilding past” would be more appropriate considering what the people of Sunderland will have to salute.

R Tomlinson,


About time dogs were kept on leads

THE council is doing the right thing banning dogs off leads on parks and beaches.

 I do hope they make this a permanent thing.

 It’s not the dogs to blame but the owners.

 The majority of owners have no respect for non-dog owners and do not poop and scoop.

 Many owners merely try to bury the mess in the sand and hope it just washes away.

 I just cannot believe how much lack of responsibility there is.There seems to be more dogs than people on the beach.

 I agree with this right wing measure and maybe other councils across the country will take note and admire our stance.

 It used to be a pleasure to walk along the beach.

Mick The Pen Brown

Political correctness worse than racism

LAST week Michael Fallon, Darlington MP and secretary for defence, indicated that there would be no checks for Ebola at UK airports .

  “All vetting should be at the airports of departure” said the man entrusted with our safety.

 Even my seven year old granddaughter rolled her eyes in disbelief. Typically, ever sensitive for an opportunity to play the knight in shining armour, Mr Cameron came to the rescue with a package of measures which involved the examiners shaking hands with potential carriers of Ebola. No doubt to avoid any PC issues about picking on ethnic minorities.

 But even this blundering example of misplaced priorities is reduced to the mundane when you listen to Greater Manchester police chief Sir Peter Fahy excusing his failure to prosecute gangs of ethnic minority paedophiles and rapists because, he says “It is too difficult to obtain a conviction. We’ll get them on something else”.

 Interestingly, with the PC element missing it was remarkably simple to convict white so-called celebrities on 30-year-old evidence for lesser crimes. Crimes, which while serious, do not compare with the industrial scale of misery and damage inflicted on youngsters in Greater Manchester by ethnic minority gangs.

 While all crime is a danger to us there is an argument that PC is more dangerous than racism.

Denis Gillon

Easy solution to parking dilemma

I SEE the hospital management is going to increase the parking charges for staff, many of whom have not had a pay rise in the last few years.

 Why not let them park in the new multi-storey for a nominal fee?

 This would then leave the ground car park with plenty of spaces for the people who need to be at the hospital for treatment or seeing a doctor or consultant or just visiting family or friends.

 These people are in and out in an hour or two, leaving plenty of spaces for other people and thus increasing the parking revenue for the hospital.

 I notice it is always the poorly paid they pick on.

  I would like to know how many managers or senior managers there are – may be money could be saved on them?

 It seems to me there are more chiefs than braves.

G Liddle,