Letters, Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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Pensioners are not draining system

I WOULD like to know if any other pensioners feel the way I do.

 Everyday you read in the papers or hear on the television that the NHS is in trouble as it is costing a fortune to look after pensioners as well as the cost of winter payments and bus subsidies.

 They say that the elderly are living longer so it is costing more in benefits.

 When the war ended there was employment and if you got a job then you could say you had a job for life.

 Pensioners have worked all their lives and payed their NHS stamps and taxes so I get increasingly mad when they keep saying in the media about how much we are costing the country.

 Many people flock to this country and are allowed to have use of free doctors, hospitals and housing, many not having paid any contributions.

 This Government should hang its head in shame. They should be putting moneyin to create more employment, building houses and stop giving contracts to other countries.

 They are so out of touch with the real people of this country.

 Other countries seem to look after their own people first, which is exactly what we should be doing.

Audrey Stoodley

Accident help

COULD any person who witnessed an accident at the traffic lights junction of Ryhope Road and Villette Road please contact me.

 The accident was between a red mini and a white van. A kind lady did stop to check that I was ok, but unfortunately I did not get her details.

 The accident happened at about 6pm on Thursday, July 19.

 My contact numbers are 510 8729 or 07851184054.

J Ewart

Fishing is a sport

FISHING has long been a sport the world over, but not in Sunderland, according to our Harbour Master Captain Kevin Ullah.

 I wonder where the captain comes from, certainly not from Roker.

 As for lines getting caught in propellers, ships have been coming into the port for years with no trouble, then we get the usual answer – health and safety.

 Anything that gives people pleasure and keeps youngsters off the streets, with a great hobby, is better than drink and drugs.

 It’s this kind of thinking that is keeping Sunderland backward.

 Coun John Kelly says the council supports many different leisure and cultural groups.

 Can he say who these groups are they support?

 I have lived in Roker all my life but I have never seen any of our Councillors fishing, though I doubt any of them can tell the difference between a cod and a gold fish.

 As long as we keep voting these people back on the council, Sunderland is going nowhere.

DJ Wright,

Appley Terrace,


Taking up space

DR MICK Thurlbeck is in a privileged position. For a long time now he’s had a weekly column in the Echo where he puts his views across to the rest of us.

 On two recent occasions you have published lengthy letters from him, where he replied to his critics. But surely, if he has a weekly column, he doesn’t need to take up space on this page which is a forum for ordinary readers to have their say.

 Shouldn’t he confine himself to his column?

 I can’t recall Linda Colling or Keith Newbery writing to the Letters’ Page to defend themselves. Maybe they have thicker skins.

Williams Crane,

Langley Close,


Not going online

I RANG a firm in Sunderland for some information and was told to go online for this information.

 When are businesses and other people going to realise not everyone has or can use a computer?

 I, myself would not have one given.

 I have sent the firm all the information they need to give me the information I need in a letter.

 I wonder what they will do with that.

 I even put in a SAE for their reply.

 Watch this space.

Margaret Crosbie,

Lodore Grove,



Great coast drive

WHAT an absolute pleasure and delight, it is now, to drive along the coast road into Seaham on a sunny day.

 Gone is the need for weird and wonderful diversions to avoid what was a motorists nightmare.

 It has only taken two years to get rid of these monstroticities but as with the Toll Bar roundabout,

common sense and people power finally won the day.

 Happy motoring residents and visitors.

Phil Fairclough