Letters, Wednesday, November 5, 2014

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We need more people to adopt

I’D like to invite any readers who have been thinking about adoption to a special open evening, being run by North Tyneside Council’s Fostering and Adoption Service.

 We’d be delighted to hear from anyone living in the North East who is considering a future family and would like to take the first step by finding out more.

 The event takes place after National Adoption Week, which this year is focusing on sibling groups.

 In North Tyneside, we have children waiting for a loving, secure home, including sisters aged six and two; a brother and sister aged seven and five; and a little boy aged six.

 Our fast-track process has had a successful past few months, approving 12 new adopters since April and placing seven children with them.

 Feedback from our families praises our team’s friendliness and the support at every stage.

 Adopters can be single or in a relationship, be a home owner or renting. It doesn’t matter. What is important is that they have love, patience and time to give a child, or sibling group.

 Everyone is welcome to come along on Tuesday when our team will be at the Village Hotel in North Tyneside. Please drop in at any time from 5.30pm to 8.30pm for an informal chat over a coffee; or just pick up some information from us. The Village Hotel can be found on Cobalt Business Park, NE27 0BY.

 We hope to see you there, but if you cannot attend and would like to find out more, please call us on 643 8196 or visit wwww.northtyneside.gov.uk/adoption.

Coun Ian Grayson,

Cabinet member responsible for children, young people and learning, North Tyneside Council

Lost address

I AM hoping to contact Miss Audrey Walton, who is a great friend to all at Murton Salvation Army. She is a great personality, has a beautiful voice and is simply a wonderful lady.

 We’ve had several letters and notes, The Anchor Magazine, which we have had a pleasant time reading and doing the quizzes. She is well remembered by her many friends at Murton Salvation Army.

 I trust she enjoyed the chapel service at Easington on October 28. She lives in Peterlee and is wished good things from myself, Anne Elliott, Mary Place, Betty Gee and all the corp members.

 Sorry we misplaced your address, Audrey, but I pray for you and hope God hears them, with love and gratitude. God bless.

Mrs L Whitmore,

15 Durham Aged Miners Homes,

Stockton Road, Seaham

Great horror days

AS I drove through Southwick over Halloween, I got a wave from the ladies on the steps of the bingo hall.

 My mind wandered back to the halcyon days of the 1970s and the Hammer Horror films I used to watch at the ABC Cinema.

 Films such as the Mummy, The Brides Of Frankenstein and Dracula had Risen From The Grave – I’ve seen them all.

 They used to show an all-night set that started at 10.30pm and finished at 7am. It included four films and I would return home bleary eyed and scared.

 Those were the days.

Mick, The Pen, Brown