Letters, Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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Politicians have lost touch with voters

MICHAEL Dodds (Letters, November 22) is correct to lambast the present Labour Party for its failures and slavish adherence to Tory-lite policies.

 Tony Blair has achieved what he set out to do – reduce the party to a political nonentity. It is now a party forever slobbering after middle class votes instead of appealing to its core support with ideas and policies relevant to them.

 The distance between Labour MPs and their traditional supporters was nicely captured during the recent Rochester and Strood by-election when MP Emily Thornberry ‘tweeted’ a photo of a house with a white van parked outside and English flags draped from the windows.

 Ms Thornberry lives in fashionable Islington. What could she – and most of the Parliamentary Labour Party – know about the day-to-day life of ordinary people?

 Such people look upon becoming an MP as a career. Career, my foot. Thornberry and her ilk already have a career – she is a barrister.  

 If we look at our own three city MPs, while not barristers, they side with the Blair-ite rump in Parliament. All three are members or supporters of the Progress group which, incredibly, was recently militating for Tony Blair’s return to lead the party. That is how out of touch they are.

 The Labour Party is staring into the abyss. Unless it starts to embrace policies which will find an echo among the electorate of Southwick rather than Ashbrooke it is doomed.

Bob Stothard


City no longer great

RETRO 1960 (Echo, November 5) featured a photo of one of the big names in Sunderland – Woolworths in Fawcett Street.

 Next door to Woolworths was Simmons furnishers.

 What a change now. The store that used to be Woolworths became Primark and now it’s an empty shop. That store has been empty for many years and now there are more empty shops springing up.

 The people who are running Sunderland have decided to worry about the state of our city after the damage has been done. When will Sunderland stop being the waste town of the North East and become a great city?

 I’m sorry to write about Sunderland being a mess. But, surely, enough is enough. Big, and I mean big, action is needed. Not just events like the Tall Ships – that will come and then go.

 Long term decision need to be made for long term success

Edwin Robinson,


Wonderful read

TO anyone who is interested in North East history, I strongly recommend a book called The King In The North by Max Adams.

 It tells you all you need to know about the ancient kingdom of Northumbria.

 Tell Santa to put a copy in your stocking this Christmas.

 Incidentally, I didn’t realise that the film The Vikings (which I first saw at the Odeon in Holmeside in 1958) starring Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis is based on actual historical events.

Henry Whipple,