Letters, Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

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Some thoughts for the Archbishop

THE Archbishop of Canterbury seems to be pandering to popular prejudice in his criticism of bankers.

I always thought religion was supposed to be about eternal truths. Well, whatever is actually true will be exactly the same for each religious and political creed and for atheists like me.

First of all, Archbishop, bankers make their millions for they deal in billions, and practically all salesmen get a percentage of the sales they make and anyone who can sell will always find a job. Making things is the easy part, it’s finding a market for the produce or service on offer that is the hard part.

Both the Archbishop and the protesters should explain why millions of Cubans flee from Cuba to Florida yet very few seem to flee from their capitalist hell-hole of Florida to that sanctuary in what is supposed to be the workers’ paradise of Cuba – and that pattern of migration, Archbishop, is universal.

It happens in Europe and Asia too. The bulk of the population of both Yugoslavia and the USSR will have been born, bred and educated under a Marxist doctrine yet both these places have imploded into dozens of warring states. So perhaps when the protesters and the Archbishop have another debate they can debate the dire failure of Communism.

The Archbishop is Welsh. I’ve no idea how much Wales gets in subsidy, but if Wales is subsidised by a billion it can only be so subsidised by, in fact, depriving four million of the poorest English of an extra £250 a year and those four million poor English are greater than the total population of Wales.

Lastly, Archbishop, when you hear one of those Greens saying everybody should have 10 acres, ask him how he is going to perform that mathematical miracle in England, seeing England is populated at about 1,000 people to the square mile yet there are only 640 acres to a square mile.

J. Young, Alexander Terrace, Fulwell, Sunderland

Thanks for support

THE Coldstream Guards Association would like to warmly thank the following for their fantastic and generous support for our charity social evening:

Chaplins, City Art Store, The Cooper Rose, The Lambton Worm, Gatsbys, Greens, The Londonderry, Debenhams, Lush, Babylon, Currys, Halfords, Staples, SAFC, Mrs Leigh Bradlaugh, Thoburns, Jans Hairdressing, Denis Butchers, the Empire, local cinema, The Bowling Alley, Roseberry Inns and Rainton Meadows Arena for 10 seats to see Joe Longthorn.

The evening was well attended and, due to the generosity of those, we raised a brilliant total of £1,500. £500 each has been given to Brothers In Arms, Coldstream Kids and The Coldstream Association Welfare Charity. Also thanks to Carters Of Pallion (buffet) Steves Disco, The Leightons(entertainment) and the staff of Sunderland Catholic Club.

The Coldstream Guards Association Sunderland Branch

Fly the flag

RECENTLY I walked along Railway Row, Millfield, and my heart was warmed when I saw the Union Flag fluttering in the breeze outside the Army Cadet building.

However, my spirits sank 50 yard along when I came upon the three empty flagpoles outside the fire station next door. No doubt the fire service big-wigs took their place in the Remembrance Day Parade, but if they are really proud of our country and its people I ask them to spend a few of the tax-payers’ pounds and fill these empty flagpoles with our National Standard.

This would never happen in the United States, where the Stars and Stripes is flown on every public building.

Derek Robe, Helena House, Royal Courts, Sunderland

Festival success

I’M sure you will receive many letters praising Lumiere 2011, but I would like to add my voice on behalf of City of Durham Conservative Association.

Credit to Durham County Council and all the partners who made the second Lumiere light festival bigger and better. It was an awesome showcase for one of the country’s most beautiful cities and a celebration of all that is best about Durham.

In these difficult economic times, it takes courage to spend money on a festival like Lumiere, but the result of all those visitors and publicity will be a big boost to the Durham economy with images of stunning artworks against our world heritage landmarks helping our tourism economy throught 2013 and beyond.

Local Conservatives look forward to Lumiere 2014 and hope it will be spread across the county from the Durham Dales to the Heritage Coast.

Michael Fishwick, Chairman, City of Durham Conservative Association, Old Elvet, Durham