Letters, Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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School run parking is a nightmare

I READ two articles in the Echo about inconsiderate parents on the school run.

 The first was in Cleadon where Councillor Milburn and South Tyneside Council came up with a solution, where they restricted waiting and loading at certain times of the day in a cul-de-sac.

 The second was Sunderland Council with its “spy car”.

 I live near Westlea Primary School and it is an absolute nightmare. Not only do we have to put up with the problems during the day, but also at night with the out-of-school activities that usually run until around 9pm. Parents drive in and out of the school grounds at high speed. You take your life into your hands either driving or walking due to the speed of the parents’ cars.

 Residents have been fighting a losing battle to have something done about the problems. However, the local councillors and Durham County Council seem to bury their heads in the sand and hope the problems will simply go away.

 With numerous incidents regarding abusive parents and residents cars being damaged, enough is enough.

 How I wish that Westlea was under the jurisdiction of South Tyneside or Sunderland Council as I know that something will have been done by now.

 Durham County Council should consider getting in touch with its neighbours to pick up a few points on how to make the safety of the children and the residents a priority.

 Why doesn’t Durham County Council impose 20 compulsory purchase orders on the houses, then feel free to demolish them and turn the land into a giant car park, just so the school and parents can be put first yet again.

Name and address withheld

Pet cat attacked

THIS is an open letter to the owners of a large, light brown dog, wearing a red collar, which was allowed to roam free on Sunday night (May 5). No doubt you will feel happy that the consequence of allowing this dangerous animal to roam free in Hylton Castle was the death of our cat, Domino.

 Your dog jumped into our garden (over a six feet fence!) and attacked a harmless and much loved living creature, causing fatal injuries.

 The attack left Domino with a broken jaw, a collapsed lung, puncture wounds all over his body and broken legs. A beautiful cat was left to live out his last minutes in excruciating pain.

 The emergency vet had no option but to put him to sleep.

 No doubt you will be left unmoved by this, but we want to let you know that words cannot express the contempt we feel for you. We very much hope that you are identified – the police have been informed – and are forced to accept responsibility for the consequences of your despicable actions.

Jim Fox, Iris Fox, Jess Hudson

Not above the law

IT is shocking to read and hear about all the showbusiness stars and their alleged sex offences.

 How on earth did they get away with this behaviour for this length of time?

 Surely, we were not so star struck by these people that TV bosses thought they were above the law?

D Miles