Letters, Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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Stop using my cash to fund kids

SEEING all of these election promises from the different parties, the same things keep coming up – free childcare, free school meals, free education.

 Ah, but it’s not free, is it? It’s paid for by the taxpayer – me.

 I decided not to have children because I don’t want the financial burden, so why should I have to pay for other people’s spawn?

 I’d like to see all child-related handouts done away with and parents dip into their own pockets for a change instead of the Government dipping into mine on their behalf.

 I haven’t yet decided which way I’ll go in the election, but any candidate who promises ‘free’ money for children certainly won’t be getting my vote.

James Harding,


Lights seem to be the real problem

I USE the roundabout over the A19 to the A183 from all entrances and to all the exits.

 Recently, because of roadworks there, the traffic lights have been switched off.

 It seems quicker with the lights off to enter the roundabout and certainly quicker to progress around it and exit without delay.

 I noticed something similar at the junction between the A19 and the A690 some weeks ago.

 No doubt the lights cost a fortune but they seem only to cause unnecessary problems.

N S Williams

World not waiting for Royal event

EVERY time there is a royal ‘event’ the British media make outrageous claims that the world is watching in great expectation.

 Nothing could be further from the truth.

 I was in Mexico when Kate and Wills’ daughter was born and not a peep from their news outlets.

 They were far too busy reporting on the ongoing war against the drug cartels and other crucial matters.

 My brother happened to be in Kazakhstan and was also in the dark about this - for Nicholas Witchell and other BBC sycophants – ‘momentous’ occasion.

 Was it noted in China, Algeria, Serbia or Madagascar and elsewhere?

 I think not. But I’ll check just in case.

 I’ll let you know.

Bob Stothard


Thank you for returning wallet

THANK you to the young lady who took the trouble to drive to my home and return my wallet.

 I was so shocked, as I hadn’t realised it was lost, that I don’t think I thanked her properly as she drove off in a white Nissan Juke.

 Again, thank you so much, we were very lucky that it was you who found and returned it.

Ian Stewart,


Plea to find old school pal David

I HAVE recently been reunited with an old school friend who now lives in Australia.

 We have been trying to trace someone who was also in our class at The Glebe School, Washington.

 His name was David Green and he lived in Penshaw. The photo shows the class in 1959 and David is in the middle row, second from the left.

 If anyone has information regarding David, please get in touch me by emailing Dandpwilcox@yahoo.co.uk or ring 0191 499 0268.

Paula Wilcox