Letters, Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

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Pensioners aren’t claiming benefit

MILLIONS of pensioners are struggling to make ends meet, entitled to Pension Credit which they never claim.

A recent survey by Turn2us has revealed startling statistics on the plight of pensioners in today’s society. A report published only last week suggested that eight out of 10 of those eligible for Pension Credit were not taking it up.

The amount of unclaimed Pension Credit for 2008/09 was between £1,630million and £2,930million. Current pensioners have to grapple with a terribly complicated system, which can deter them from claiming when they potentially could.

I would like to emphasise to your readers how vitally important it is that current pensioners and those that will retire before the state pension changes come in to effect, are aware of their potential welfare entitlement.

All they have to do is access the benefits checker at www.turn2us.org.uk and check what they may be entitled to, how much and where to claim.

If your readers can spread the message, together we’ll begin to break down barriers so that older people in financial need start claming what they may be entitled to.

Esther Rantzen, Ambassador, Turn2us, London

Royal wedding

Friday, Twenty-ninth of April, Two thousand and eleven.

We witnessed a marriage joyfully consecrated in heaven.

Bridal lace, vial and tiara adorn with wondrous dignity

Great British pageant of prestige, pomp and majesty.

Kate manoeuvres our future King into checkmate.

The peal of wedding bells beneath the abbey’s slate.

Two unions in reality – one for Prince William and Katherine

The other union our monarchy and her sovereign.

Edward Ryles