Letters, Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

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City’s Metro line must be extended

THE head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, has recently suggested that the British economy needs a boost to help restore growth and suggests a reduction in VAT and greater infrastructure spending.

Regarding the latter, has Sunderland Council a list of projects in place just in case Mr Osborne is forced into a Plan B? Or are they happy to sit back and rest on their laurels now that funding for the new bridge has apparently been promised?

Top of the list, I suggest, should be an extension of the Wearside end of the Metro system. I use the word “end” because that is exactly what it does – end in the middle of nowhere (South Hylton).

I believe it should be extended across to Nissan and beyond, through Washington and associated villages and on to Pelaw to complete the circuit.

Then, with future expansion to the north of the river, estates south to Seaham, Ryhope, Silksworth, Doxford Park etc, the people of Sunderland would feel part of the Tyne and Wear Metro system.

Derek Robe, Helena House, Royal Courts, Sunderland

Young bowlers

WHILE it is great to read the comments in the Echo recently about BKF Bowling being granted permission to open up their new premises, we wish it to be known that Sunderland’s oldest Youth Bowling Club (established 1965)is still very much alive and kicking in Sunderland’s city bowling centre operated by 1st Bowl.

We moved the youth club here in 2010 and have grown in number and resources. We are available to any child aged six to 18, regardless of experience. Bowling equipment is provided, as well as free expert coaching by fully qualified, insured and CRB-accredited instructors.

We operate leagues and BTBA-sanctioned competitions which attract alot of people into the city centre. With work currently in progress for a hotel adjacent to the bowling alley, we see this as further proof that we will continue to attract youth bowlers from across the country to participate in tenpin bowling.

We wish only to encourage tenpin bowling, which is why we offer such fabulous opportunities for training, leagues, travel and growth. Visit our website – www.excelybc.co.uk –to learn more or to get in touch with us.

Other bowling facilities exist locally – Washington AMF – so if that’s nearer for your child simply contact them direct.

We wish BKF good luck in their new premises.

Sunderland Youth Bowling Club

Hospital stay

FOLLOWING my recent stay on Ward 43 and Ward 42, I would like to thank all doctors, nurses and domestics for making my stay comfortable. I now will be going to physio and hope to get better soon.

The doctors and nurses are amazing, helpful and cheerful, and they deserve a big mention.

I met a patient called Moira Pendleton. If she reads this, please get in touch.

Mrs Valerie Bird, Silksworth

Toast to festival

AS featured in the Echo, Houghton-le-Spring Round Table Beer Festival was a great success. It goes without saying that you get a great range of beers at festivals, but arriving on the Saturday afternoon, I was pleased to see plenty of seats and tables, food available and provision for washing customers’ glasses.

Drinks were bought via a token system. £1 per token per half in as many/few as needed. Some festivals want you to buy tokens in £5 or £7 batches. At £1 per half, it was well priced and the £3 access was good value.

A downside to all beer festivals is that non-drinking car drivers still pay full admission and may not have any soft drinks provided either. Disabled access good.

Here’s to the next Houghton Round Table Beer Festival.

G. White, Sunderland

Euro is a disaster

THE continuing crises in Greece clearly demonstrates what a disaster the Euro currency is. This was foisted on countries by the EU fanatics for purely political reasons. They saw it as the first step in a Federal Europe.

Now the doom merchants are saying the financial world will collapse if Greece leaves the Euro. This will not happen if they leave in an orderly structured way, helped by the EU itself. It is more likely that the contagion will engulf other countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland if the Euro is allowed to stumble on and Greece is forced out.

This one-size-fits-all currency was a disaster waiting to happen. By retaining the pound, successive UK governments have been able to minimize the effects of recessions in the UK since 2008. The one thing we can thank Brown for was he blocked Labour from taking the UK into the Euro.

However, we must beware of the plans of Euro fanatics in the UK such as Nick Clegg, Red Ed Miliband etc.

Alan Wright, Barnes View, Sunderland