Letters, Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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Transparency is the key to trust

I HAVE to agree with what Kevan Jones, MP for Durham has written, challenging and questioning the integrity of those running the Durham Miners’ Association.

 Without openness and transparency, how can members and ex-NUM members trust the words of the President, General Secretary and any other money handler in the DMA?

 It is my opinion, that for some years now maladministration, misappropriation, fiddling and cooking of the books has been endemic among solicitors, unions, associations and committee members – not forgetting MPs. If I have missed anyone out, sorry – you know who you are.

 Kevan Jones asks the right questions, which are straightforward and to the point.

 Those individuals of the DMA, whom have been overseeing vast amounts of wonga (millions) must be accountable. If not they have something to hide.

 Dave Hopper, now head honcho of the DMA and Durham Gala fund-raiser needs to come clean, to show trustworthiness as guardian of members’ interests.

 I wish all MPs and investigators the best of luck in rooting out those purposely taking advantage of the working disabled, alive or dead.

Wearmouth Colliery Miner,

Ken Harding, Roker

Looks do count

I HAVE to agree with Mick “The Pen” Brown that baseball caps should be banned along with hoodies.

 As a man of aging years, I can’t help but feel uneasy when I pass a group of youths dressed this way.

 Has it dawned on anybody that the reason for these caps is so they can’t be seen by CCTV? The other problem I have is the wearing of jeans halfway down their backsides, which also has crimal overtones as it originates from American jails where belts are removed for safety reasons.

 It is high time the youth of today took pride in their apperance, as how you look is how you are.

Mike Davey

Crossing dilemma

CHILDREN’S lives are at risk due to a city-wide shortage of lollipop men and women, parents were warned (Echo, May 14).In Germany they have school prefects with hand lollipops at crossings – works very well.

 Does this mean Germans are better, and more trustworthy than us, or our prefects?

Mr J Stott,


Stotty cake recipe

AS an exiled Mackem living in the South East for many years, I have been trying to reproduce the stotty cakes that my best friend’s mother used to make during the war, but without success.

  I am certain current day recipes do not take into consideration the ingredients that were available then.

 Does anyone have the recipe?

 I lived with Mr and Mrs Curry, Chester Street East, Millfield, from 1944 to 1948. I am now 84 years old.

Tom Bobbin