Letters, Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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We have long memories

In response to Alan Davies’s letter about people in Sunderland and the North East voting Labour, the answer is they all have long memories of the Tories under Margaret Thatcher.

She closed the shipyards, pits and factories.

I’ve voted Labour for 64 years.

Just walk around our villages in the North East, they have shops boarded up, especially in Easington.

Sunderland shipyards built the biggest and best ships in the world.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about our lovely Ryhope village. It’s only lively when the children are going to school.

When George Osborne and David Cameron were in Hartlepool being interviewed neither of them would answer the question about the one million people going to the food banks or give answers about the 90,000 unemployed people – the biggest in the country.

So, Mr Davies, we are not all thick or stupid.

Grace Cassidy,


Prince not in real world

I don’t have a problem with Prince Charles voicing his concerns with governments.

 It is the need to keep them secret which I find alarming.

 It’s not like he has anything political to say such as his concern about food banks, or the bedroom tax.

 Can you imagine his outrage if his benefits were cut because he has unused bedrooms in his massive ‘council’ house?

 No it was more like his concern that fox hunting may be banned. That’s right, the animal-loving prince thinks there’s nothing wrong with chasing a defenceless animal around on a horse and being torn to pieces by his dogs in the name of sport.

 Now Harry is chipping in saying the Government should bring back conscription, as it kept him on the “straight and narrow”, when he went into the army, as a private, with his four royal protection officers.

 He did his twice yearly photo shoots in what resembled the Middle East and now he’s leaving the top general in the army is calling him sir.

 “Straight and narrow” –what colour is the sky in this family’s world.

Ged Taylor,

via email

The press is not to blame

It is somewhat surprising that some people are trying to defend Ed Miliband and his regressive policies.

 Even his former colleagues who fought alongside him and are now lining up to replace him, condemning his policies and campaign tactics.

 Labour and Ed Miliband did not lose the election through attacks from the right wing press.

 They lost because he fought a bad campaign on extreme left, regressive policies and he would not rule out a pact with the ultra-left SNP.

Alan Wright

High Barnes