Letters, Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Marks & Spencer Sunderland staff during the 2014 Beach Clean
Marks & Spencer Sunderland staff during the 2014 Beach Clean
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This isn’t just any beach clean ...

MARKS & Spencer Sunderland staff who took part in the 2014 Beach Clean on April 28 at Seaham (pictured above) would like to thank all volunteers and M&S staff from Dalton Park, Washington Galleries and the MetroCentre who came along to help.

 We managed to collect a total of 50 bin bags of rubbish from the beach, weighing a total of 605kg in a short period of time. Well done to everyone who took part and again, many thanks.

 We are hoping to arrange another beach clean in the summer so please watch out for information.

Nigel Farrow,

Marks & Spencer,


Someone check the underpass

WOULD someone in charge of the underpass in Church Street, Monkwearmouth, go and have a look at it? It is flooded again.

 Also loads of rubbish, broken glass, bottles and cans are scattered all over. Whoever it is might come out of the pub at night and go down there and do it again. Can someone check? I can’t find names for these yobs. What kind of homes do they come from? Please get it cleared as we can’t get across the road because of too much traffic.

Jenny Mac,

Roker Flats,


Well done Gus?

CONGRATULATIONS to Gus Poyet, the only man in history to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

J Watson.

Time to charge a fee for airshow?

THE Sunderland Airshow will be with us soon and I wish that the organisers would charge the spectators to view it.

 I am an aviation enthusiast and look forward to the event every year.

 Sadly, however, for many it’s just a free day out and a excuse to get drunk and cause mayhem.

 Every year there are people falling over in a stupor and they have no interest at all in the planes.

 If the authorities put barriers up in Sea Road and the Coast Road then charged £5 entrance fee, not only would we get genuine fans but it would boost the city’s coffers and perhaps go some way to reduce the annoyance of the the long-suffering residents who have every right to complain about the disgusting behaviour of some.

Mick ‘The Pen’ Brown.