Letters, Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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Aspiration of working class

How dare Cameron and his chums try to nick the aspiration of the working class.

 Just about every person I grew up with aspired to dream of a better life and a better job than their parents.

 Some did, some didn’t,

but I don’t recall anyone being unhappy or uninspired.  

 How dare Cameron, a man who never had a paid job until he was 32, preach about

aspiration. We, the working class, couldn’t rely on our parents to fund our lifestyles like the Camerons and Osbornes of this world.

 They had just come through a war, a war that enabled the likes of the Cameron and Osborne families to keep their way of life.

 Our parents had to rebuild this country, so when we were born we went to school, then, at 15 years old, we had to go to work to facilitate the lifestyle of the same families.

 I still find it amazing that Cameron can still persuade some of the working classes, mainly the Mail and Express

readers that they are special and those at the bottom worthless.

 Lets not forget, the working class are the champions of aspiration. Aspiration can only be achieved in a fair and equal society. Something the Cameron’s of this world repudiate.

Ged Taylor



Ban OAPs from weekend shop

As a regular supermarket shopper I am appalled at the weekend queues.

 Like many others I find this a dreadful bore so I may have found a solution.

 Many OAPs are to blame for the hold ups in the aisle. It can become very frustrating as you wait for them to look for change or hand over money-saving coupons.

 Therefore, I propose that major supermarkets offer pensioners a good discount to shop through the week and ban them from the stores on a Saturday.

 There is simply no need for them to shop on a Saturday when they have the time to visit stores on a weekday.

 I am not ageist by any means but I am awaiting a reply from three supermarkets regarding my proposal.

Mick The Pen Brown

Councillor says thanks

COULD I please express my thanks to the voters in St Peter’s Ward for giving me their vote. I promise to continue to work hard alongside my ward colleague Julia Jackson to improve St Peter’s throughout the years.

 May I also take this opportunity to thank my team of helpers who worked extremely hard throughout the campaign to get me re-elected.

Coun Barry Curran

St Peter’s Ward