Letters, Wednesday, May 13, 2015

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24-hour drinking laws were wrong

MOST people were unhappy when Labour brought in 24-hour drinking.

 We could see the disadvantages straight away. It brought in more alcohol-related crimes, caused many pubs to have to employ extra management and employ extra staff plus expenses.

 The public still had only the same amount of money to spend so pubs took no extra money to cover.

 It meant police had extra hours work to patrol pubs closing later and more noise from taxis etc in the early morning hours.

 Labour’s Andy Burnham has admitted that it was a mistake, now all political parties say it was wrong.

 In the past people would leave the pub at about 10.15pm and many would buy fish and chips on the way home. After that law many fish shops closed down.

 However, as we know, these laws are never cancelled once having been made.

 It seems we are stuck with them.

Marjorie Matthews,


Thanks for votes

I WISH to thank the voters of St Michael’s ward for their continued confidence in me as one of their council representatives.

 I promise to continue to work hard on behalf of all ward residents.

 Michael Dixon, Margaret Forbes and I – the Conservative team in St Michael’s – work hard throughout the year to represent residents in the ward.

 I am encouraged that this hard work, an emphasis upon ward issues and our message about the importance of maintaining an opposition voice on the council has resonated with voters.

 I must also thank all my helpers and pay tribute to the thoroughly professional campaign organised by my agent, Michael Dixon.

Thank you.

Coun Peter Wood,

St Michael’s ward

I will see you soon

I WOULD like to thank the electors in Hendon ward for voting Green, both in the local and parliamentary elections.

 I got 272 votes in the local election. I would also like to thank the many people who wished me luck.

 Some of the residents said,they never see the candidates from one election to the next; but this is not true. I will be around the Hendon Ward soon after a little rest.

 Once again thank you if you voted Green and I hope to see you soon on your doorstep.

David Lawson,

Green Party Candidate

Fear for the future

MANY people may end up regretting voting Tory.

 Will Mr Cameron deliver on Europe, deal with zero-hour contracts and will his party think of the poor before crippling welfare.

 I fear for the NHS in case we follow the American idea of health care, yet despair that we will not impose the same immigration points system practised by Australia and Canada.

K Stoker

Grateful for help

I WOULD like to thank everyone who kindly stopped and helped me when I fell and broke my nose on Cleveland Road on Friday, May 1.

 I would also like to thank the staff at Sunderland Accident and Emergency Department who treated me in a prompt and efficient manner and with a great deal of kindness.

Pat Graham,