Letters, Wednesday, March 5, 2014

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Full of admiration for SAFC fans

AS a Manchester City fan who attended the game at Wembley, I would like to commend your fans.

 It is not often I have travelled to Wembley, as you can appreciate. But to come out of the ground after the celebrations and to be applauded by your fans was absolutely fantastic.

 This wasn’t just one group of your fans. It happened on four separate occasions.

 It shows the true measure of the people who support your club and I have nothing but sheer admiration for them now.

 From now on, you will have an additional fan looking out for your results.

 I wish you all the best for the rest of the season. With the fans you have, you deserve your status in the Premier League.

Adam Kowalczuk

Great supporters

WHAT wonderful supporters the Sunderland fans are.

 I am a Manchester City fan and was at the Wembley match.

 On the way out of the stadium, the city fans were applauded by hundreds of Sunderland supporters.

 I was with an 81-year-old lady and I cannot tell you how many times we were both hugged or congratulated by Sunderland supporters – young and old.

 It is refreshing to know that not all football supporters are thugs, and I am not sure City fans would have been so gracious if we had lost.

I would like to let your wonderful supporters know how much it meant to us and tell everybody at the club what great supporters you have.

 I wish you every success in the future (unless you play Man City), and once again thank you to your wonderful supporters.

Susan Lowe

Confusion over tax

THERE seems to be some misunderstanding about the effect of the spare room subsidy (the bedroom tax as it is commonly called). It applies only to tenants of council and Housing Association accommodation, who are in receipt of housing benefit.

 It applies only to those of working age, so pensioners are exempt.

 This exemption applies also where only one of a couple is a pensioner. So your pensioner granny will not be charged.

 There are exemptions for adult children in the armed forces even if overseas, also for some families with disabled children or a disabled spouse, who need a room of their own.

 The purpose, as well as reducing the huge cost to the nation of housing benefit, is to free up living space to be available for families living in overcrowded conditions.

 Which, after all, was the intention of Social Housing in the first place.

Eddy Russell

We have nothing

I JUST has to write in and say how disgusted I am with our city.

 I often go to Middlesbrough, which is only a town, but what a difference.

 Middlesbrough has a lovely, warm indoor bus station, nice toilets and indoor shopping malls with lots of shops.

 What have we got? Nothing.

Y Shevill,

Thorney Close,