Letters, Wednesday, March 4, 2015

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Church has right to speak out

THEY used to say the Church of England was the Tory party at prayer.

 Now Anglican Bishops have made David Cameron furious with their criticisms of the Government, and the Tory press accuses them of being Labour’s left wing.

 Conservatives just don’t get it, do they?

 They are the bad guys. We socialists are the good guys.

  Church leaders are not royalty who have to keep their lips zipped up. They have the right to express their concerns on social issues.

 Archbishop Welby was right to express regret over the bombing of Dresden.

 It always amused me to see Margaret Thatcher singing away on Songs of Praise. She must have had a strange idea of what Christianity is about. She actually said the main thing about the Good Samaritan story was he had plenty of money to help people. Oh, really?

 No man is an island. As a socialist I believe we are part of a community. Dear Mrs Thatcher, there is such a thing as society.

 I accept I must pay taxes for services that other people use. I am cynical about a world where poverty exists side by side with the self-interest of the tiny percentage who own much of the wealth.

 I’ll say one thing more to make hackles rise. Jesus was a socialist. If he returned for a second coming, he’d be so angry he’d be overturning tables in the Temple again.

Henry Whipple,


No equality here

HAVING received a £100 penalty for forgetting to return my tax self-assessment form relating to the means tested child benefit I am in receipt of, I was reminded of the recent announcement by the Prime Minister not to subject benefits paid to affluent pensioners, such as free TV licences, bus passes and winter fuel payments, to similar treatment.

 Once again it would appear equality remains far from a priority for this Government.

 Still, I can take some comfort in the thought that my fine will at least subsidise the missing billions the HMRC failed to reclaim from Swiss bank accounts.

 I am sure they will be more successful prosecuting the hard working senior public sector workers.

Tim Dumble,


Rumours untrue

ELCAP is a volunteered run organisation in the Brickgarth Easington Lane which resides in what used to be the Old Miners’ Welfare

 Following recent rumours circulating that the centre is closed or closing, we would like to state that these are totally untrue and we, the board of directors, would like to take this opportunity to let people of the surrounding area that ELCAP is still open.

 It is business as usual for all the people who use the centre on a day to day basis.

 There is a slight change to the opening times. Monday to Thursday remains the same but Friday is now 9am to 1pm.

 Please call in and see what we have to offer

Ian Grey ,

Director ELCAP

It’s exploitation

LABOUR’S pink Barbie bus just goes to show its contempt for men and democracy in Britain.

 What a sexist hypocrite Harriet Harman is.

 The dictionary says that a feminist is a supporter of women’s claim to be given rights equal to those of men.

 It seems to me though that to be a feminist is to seek legalised preferential treatment for females and to legalise the exploitation of males.

Angry Alan,