Letters, Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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Council should put its house in order

YOUTH clubs, which help and support our young people by providing a safe place off the streets for them, are having their funding cut by the council, along with other groups such as the Citizen Advice Bureau.

 The council has been very quiet on what it is doing about wasting £200,000 on keeping union officials, £1million on cars and £26,000 on bottled water – and goodness knows what else we do not know about.

 These anomalies should be stopped before any cuts are made. The money this council wastes on a few people inside the civic centre is scandalous. The money given by the Government is for all of Sunderland not just for the civic centre.

 A Mr Robe wrote to the Echo about a vengeful Tory government closing shipyards and mines. I would like to ask him how many mines or shipyards did Labour open during 13 years of government?

 They can remember what happened 30 years ago but not what Labour has done. Remember the 400 tonnes of gold sold at rock bottom prices and the £420billion debt they left the country with? It is the greatest debt in the western world and then there is the millions of illegal immigrants.

 Sunderland council should sort out inside the Civic Centre first before cutting grants that the whole city will benefit from.

G Liddle,


Councillor’s failure

THE letter from GW, of Fence Houses, March 12, gave an interesting account of the meeting of the planning committee considering Biffa’s request to grade the rock face by blasting in Houghton quarry.

 If the independent councillor for Houghton, Sheila Ellis, had utilised her vote as a member of the planning committee, Biffa’s request would have been lost.

 Her failure to abide by the rules and legislation, binding all members of the planning committee, cost her supporters their wish.

Local observer

Searching for dad

I’M looking for my dad. I have been searching for him for 15 years without any luck.

 His name is Anthony Thomas John Mann. I know he is originally from Newcastle and that he was a chef in the Army.

 He married my mam in Sunderland Civic Centre on January 13, 1974.

 I was born in January 1980 and then my mam and dad separated.

 If anybody can help me find my dad it would be much appreciated.

 My name was Denise Pamela Lynette Mann, but I have now married.

 My email address is denisenota27@yahoo.com or denisenota32@gmail.com

Denise Nota

Tax the benefits

IF the Government wants more revenue in the coffers, then why aren’t benefits taxed at the same rate as someone in employment?

 Take the woman, Heather Frost, with the 11 kids, who, with her partner, picks up an estimated £3,463 per month, enjoying days out, with visits to the coast with her kids, and being able to afford the upkeep of a horse.

 Its a kick in the teeth for people who are struggling in these economic times, where everyone is expected to suffer the increases in the cost of everything, and get on with it.

Ken Smith,


Daylight robbery

I AM an 80-year-old male. I accidently bit my lips drawing blood.

 My teeth are worn and sharp. I’ve asked four dentists to remove them but the same answer – they are too strong.

 I went to my GP asking if she would refer me to the dental hospital. She said ‘see the dentist he will refer you’. At £17.50 a visit, it’s daylight robbery.

Mr R Dinsdale,