Letters, Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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Leaving Wembley was a nightmare

I, LIKE many thousands of SAFC supporters, made the long journey to the capital to witness a great performance by the “Lads” as we “Dared to Dream”.

 Behaviour was impeccable and everyone had a smile on their face, even after the final whistle.

 It was a wonderful experience enjoyed by all and one which I hope will be repeated.

 Then came the “downer” on it all. After boarding our coach for home it took us two hours and 40 minutes just to get away from Wembley. There were many, I have since spoken to, who were delayed even longer.

 This is our National Stadium, yet the road system around it is pathetic and simply cannot cope.

 I have attended sporting events in various cities around the UK, and indeed in different countries, but the experience of departing the Wembley area is by far the worst.

 No wonder we were not awarded the World Cup recently. The road infrastructure must surely have doomed it to failure from the start.

 Imagine the embarrassment caused on the world stage when it takes supporters longer to get away from the ground than it does to watch the actual event.

 But perhaps the authorities in London and Wembley are only interested in getting the paying customer to the event in order to spend their hard earned cash.

 Once that task has been completed they simply don’t care how uncomfortable members of the public are as they return from our “inglorious” capital.

Maurice Alderson

Disability help

DISABILITY Rights UK is a charity which is committed to breaking the link between poverty and disability.

 It produces and sells a wide range of guides to benefits for disabled people, their families, carers and advisors.

 Its comprehensive guide, Disability Rights Handbook 2013/14, is available for £30 with a significant reduction for anyone in receipt of a benefit.

 Disability Rights UK says that there are three million DLA claimants in the UK and that the Conservative/SDLP Government is moving anyone aged between 16 and 64 from DLA to PIP, with the effect that 600,000 fewer disabled people will qualify for PIP (Personal Independence Payment).

 Disability Rights UK has produced a 46-page detailed guide on how to claim PIP for £4, ring 0207 250 3222 or it can be downloaded free at disabilityrightsuk.org/personal-independence-payment-pip.

 It will the best £4 you will every spend.

Name and address supplied

No to super state

JUST a few words in support of Kenneth Jefferson regarding the EU’s plan to integrate Great Britain into a United States of Europe (February 19). We have already had the argument about Great Britain becoming part of a European Super State.

 It was called the Second World War – the answer was no.

B Tasker,