Letters, Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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It’s cheaper than Dignitas

A 66-year-old man wants to raise £30,000 to go to Dignitas clinic in Switzerland as he suffers constant pain because of cancers. He says if people contribute they will save the NHS thousands of pounds.

 Surely, there is a simple non-expensive answer – do it yourself. Take the appropriate dose at the appropriate time, cost minimal and less newspaper coverage. No need to use Dignitas.

 On a lighter note, I like Mick The Pen, he is amusing but W Quinn is the best comedian of the lot.

Marjorie Matthews


Nice cafe gets Jimmy’s vote

WHEN a friend of mine visits me we always meet in Sunderland. We take turns to treat one another to lunch, usually in an American-style quick food joint. I thought as it was my turn I would try a cosy little cafe named Old Vestry Tea Rooms.

 It looked so posh and attractive as we entered I thought, ‘oh no, this could be expensive’.

 To our great surprise the menu prices were low, the healthy food was perfect and cafe spotless. Posh bone china and real tea-leaves tea.

 This little green cafe gets the red and white vote from me.

Jimmy Chambers


Thanks for contributing

Once again we would like to thank friends, neighbours and relatives who contributed to our recent fund raising for Parkinsons UK.

 We made a grand total of £1,000 which will go towards Parkinsons research and also help with the funding of specialist nurses.

 Many local businesses in Seaham gave donations of raffle prizes for which we thank them very much. Thanks also go to East Coast Rock N Roll, where the raffle raised £200.

Kathleen and Geoff Hudson


No smoking for parents?

I saw in the news that a child has been taken away from its parents because of their excessive smoking. Good. Is there a more pointless and disgusting habit than smoking? I’m all for people being allowed to do whatever they want, but once someone has a child, its wellbeing has to come before the parents’ ‘rights’.

There should be a law that bans anyone who has a child from smoking, drinking, gambling and all other vices which are detrimental to the youngster’s upbringing.

If a parent can’t live without these things for the sake of their offspring, then they aren’t mature enough to have children in the first place.

Martin Chisholm