Letters, Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

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Unfair attack on cancer sufferers

HOW much pure anger can one person have against another? On a scale of one to 10, I reckon 12 would be well rewarded to the country’s leader and his cronies who give credence to his actions. Every promise made by this man has gone to the wall and his true face becomes apparent day by day.

Now I reckon he (Cameron) has reached rock bottom with his attack on cancer sufferers. Some cancers can be contained for quite a while and some can be semi-cured because there is always the chance it could show its ugly head once more.

I have helped nurse three people who tried to fight this terrible disease. All died sadly after a momentous fight which left me so proud of them. These were my daughter, 40, a very good friend and my wife of 58 years.

I myself am touched with (as my wife called it) the baddies but am being treated and checked on, which gives a little comfort.

His putting a time limit on a cancer sufferer getting back to work is unrealistic. Everyone is an individual case and it’s not only the disease and treatment, it’s the mental scars left if all the rest is successful. The fear is with people for the rest of their lives. Life takes on a different scene and life has a different perspective.

Any bad injury or illness leaves terrible scars, not only physically but mentally and it could take years to come to terms with normality.

To be able to target these people and take away a crutch on which some rely is contemptible and inhuman and smells of “I’m all right, Jack”.

I hope to God the people who think the sun shines out of Cameron’s backside do not have to go through cancer or bad trauma, or they will know the hell that can be in life.

Colin Wasey, Wyman Street, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland

Averse to Mick

SO Brucie is boring, according to Mick the Pen? Spot on of course, but “pot and kettle”, eh Mick? Pot and kettle.

Who sits alone to drink his beer?

Who wears a Christmas tie all year?

Who’s boring joke goes on and on?

Who’s a pain within the sit-upon?

It’s Mick the Pen!

Who writes to the Echo every day

With exactly the same thing to say?

Which twerp told him it was quaint

To bore the undies off a saint?

Oh, Mick the Pen.

The pen is mightier than the sword

But the same old letters leave me bored.

They just aren’t clever, droll or fun.

The joke has surely had its run

Stop! Mick the Pen.

Post Office queues, trainers, old folk,

Have all been the butt of his so-called joke.

The subject changes, the joke does not.

If you’ve read one letter, you’ve read the lot.

Go! Mick the Pen.

Retire to bedroom slippers and cocoa

Your dripping tap is driving us loco.

How will we replace Mick the Pen?

Just publish this ode again,

And again and again and again.....

Rex Peel, St Gabriel’s, Sunderland

Charity night

COULD you please mention through your Letters Page a fund-raising night we are having in the Blue Bell in Fulwell on Friday, July 15, in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society?

We just want to thank them for the wonderful job they have done looking after our nana, Lily Gilstin.

We are hoping to raise as much as possible. There is a disco, karaoke and raffles. Entrance is £1, pay at the door or tel 565 1839 for a ticket.

Please help us support this wonderful charity as they do a marvellous job.

Kelly and Nicola Taylor, Gladstone Street, Sunderland

Concert policing

I THINK SAFC need to put their sensible head on when reacting to crticism.

I’m all for attracting more bands to the stadium in the close season, but the health and safety of people attending the concerts should be top priority.

This is what the club and football authorities always say when referring to football matches, and people who are too drunk are usually not allowed into the ground. So why is it any different when pop concerts are held?

My two sons were at the Kings of Leon gig and commented on how many people were too drunk to stand up. If there were only two arrests, there was clearly a problem with the policing and stewarding at the gig

So, please SAFC, let’s have some positive action with regard to policing the concerts, or there will be more accidents, fewer people enjoying them and, ultimately, people deciding it’s just not worth going to them, and we don’t want that.

Geoff Scott, Seaburn, Sunderland