Letters, Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

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Time to speak our against strikes

ONCE again it would appear that the city of Sunderland has been treated with contempt by the powers that be, no doubt ruling from that other smaller city about 12 miles up the road, with the City of Sunderland Council being impotent in making any statement of protest.

I am talking about the Aslef/RMT/Unite unions, most of whose striking members probably live in the Newcastle area, deciding to go on strike during the Cold Play concert at the Stadium of Light. Originally, they also had another strike planned for when the Bruce Springsteen concert is on at the same venue. Why not make it a “hat trick” and go on strike on June 24 when the Red Hot Chili Peppers are due to perform?

Should the demands of the unions concerned in the Metro dispute not be met, then maybe they should consider industrial action during the Olympic Games when the football is being played at the Sports Direct Arena, or maybe Newcastle United’s first home game of the season or perhaps when this year’s Great North Run is taking place.

Or will they decide Sunderland Airshow should be the victim?

Our elected leaders should at least say something to show that they are concerned by these events, or are they quite content to sit and say “nowt”?

Alex Hendry, Chester Road, Sunderland

Torch letdown

I AM writing to say how disgusted and disappointed I was with the Olympic Torch coming up Chester Road in Sunderland between the crematorium and the Grindon Mill pub.

In my estimation there were at least 150-200 people there waiting to see the torch, and all we got to see was a number of policemen on motorbikes and a couple of Olympic buses.

Somebody close to us pointed out that on one of the buses there were people holding Olympic torches but they were not lit, but by the time we were given this information the buses had passed and we did not see them.  

When me and my family heard that the torch was coming up Chester Road we were very excited and thought we would at least see the torch lit.

I could tell by the disappointment on other people’s faces that I wasn’t the only one to feel let down by the display of the torch.

Jamie Harding, aged 13

Going to waste

RE the bring back Crowtree leisure centre story: I can’t understand why the council are leaving a prime site like Crowtree Leisure Centre to rot.

Surrounded by our city shops and close to transport links, it seems such a waste. After the success of the open-air ice rink we’ve had in Mowbray Park in the past, no attempt has ever been made to reopen the ice rink, even though it was well used by people of the city and beyond.

The swimming pool is no doubt going to waste with the funds going towards the Aquatic Centre, again with no attempt to reopen.

The young people of our city deserve far more than this. They need activities to promote a healthy lifestyle and a general meeting point, instead of roaming the streets.

It has been pointed out that Crowtree has run into a state of disrepair, but the interior was recently broadcast on Youtube, in need of a clean and filling once again with life and laughter of a generation Sunderland Council has forgotten.

Ms D. Smith

Lack of scrutiny

I CONCUR with Mick Thurlbeck’s vision of some of society’s ills but (as a Hetton Street lad writing to a Johnson Street lad) I think he has lost sight of his roots due to his association with the Sunderland Chamber of Commerce and its priorities, which run counter to the public interests.

The subservience of our council to the demands of city centre businesses and private bus companies in Sunderland has been all too evident in the planning of road systems and the lack of bridge buildng for the past 40 years.

The actions of Sunderland bosses regarding the the Vaux site, the Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor and the iconic bridge plans escape the “scrutiny” of Doctor T.

As with the Sunderland Echo, are the problems of society’s ills due to intellectual glaucoma?

Ron McQuillan

Wonderful NHS

HAVING recently been a patient in Sunderland Royal Hospital, in Wards 42, I would like to thank all nurses and staff for their kindness and patience. They amazed me with the great quality of care, their dedication to their jobs and also the good sense of humour that was shown.

If ever I were to praise the NHS, this is the time. I don’t believe that any other country could come up to the standard of our NHS. Again, thank you.

Marjorie Matthews, Aiskell Street, Sunderland