Letters, Wednesday, June 19, 2014

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Getting to the root of weed problem

THE recent letter by Fulwell Conservatives about their involvement in the treatment of weeds did not mention that I contacted the council in April about the situation and was promised action across the area.  

 The council told me they had to delay the treatment for several weeks because of the heavy rain which we were having at the time.

 As any half-competent gardener will know, weeds are best tackled when young as they are very difficult to kill when they reach maturity and set seeds.

 Several public authorities as well as the EU have tested the main weed-killer Glyphosate over the last 40 years and concluded there is no danger to health so I am mystified about the danger to health and welfare. Perhaps our councillors could enlighten us?

 This letter by our councillors begs the question that if they feel that weed killing, which is done by our council every year, deserves a letter jointly signed in the local paper then what else are they doing in the area?

 Their last newsletter did not contain a wealth of information about what they HAD done. They failed to get action on the traffic lights at the Blue Bell for four years but claimed it as a success when the local Labour party got them replaced.

 They make great play on being a strong opposition but they are hardly that, and in fact do very little for Fulwell and are far behind other areas in being effective councillors.

 They will tell you that they cannot do anything because of the Labour council but the fact is that the council departments will listen, and have acted on numerous issues I brought to their attention.

 Our much maligned council acts promptly on queries and complaints and is unfailingly polite and helpful. This does not mean that everything gets done as money is an issue but we all know who is responsible for the shortage of money.

Margaret Beck,

Fulwell Labour Group.

Take notice of ticket deal, SAFC

HUDDERSFIELD Town FC has just launched a scheme called the Take 10 membership scheme, where people like myself who don’t have a season ticket because of work commitments pay a membership fee of £50 for the season, then get a £10 discount on tickets for up to 10 games that you can get to. This is a great idea for people like me who only get one Saturday off in four and I hope the people at the Stadium of Light are taking notice.

Neil Salt,


What about Darwin’s dad?

PJ McPartland (Ecco Letters, June 6) attributes the atheism of significant thinkers to an absent father in their early life. I notices that Charles Darwin was not listed. Can we presume that a troubled childhood helped to lead him astray?

 The Taliban regularly hit the headlines. They are all religious believers, so they must belong to happy and well adjusted families.

John Watson,