Letters, Wednesday, June 17, 2015

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Catalogue staff reunion

This year would have been the diamond anniversary of the institution that became Janet Fraser and Brian Mills in Hendon Road, Sunderland and there is no better time to have a reunion.

 Can you remember the terminals? Can you remember VDU, Query Handling and telephone ordering?

 Can you remember the ‘special’ buses that brought everyone to and from work every day?

 Do you remember first, second and third bell?

 Do you remember dancing to Nellie the Elephant at the Christmas party where the supervisors served your lunch (it was the only time they broke into a sweat).

 If you can answer yes to any of the above, then you are invited to a reunion which will give everyone an opportunity to catch up with old friends, colleagues and (heaven help us) the management and, even worse, work study!

 You will be absolutely certain of having a laugh, remembering old times and friends and the many characters that made Janet’s and Brian’s the fantastic place it was to work and let your hair down.

 Anyone interested in coming along, please call 0191 528 0788 or 0191 584 6347 where we will take details.

 Unfortunately, until we know what kind of response we will get, we can’t book the venue as the numbers will dictate where we go.

 The plan is to have the reunion as soon as numbers are confirmed.

 Remember to dig out your old photographs though.

Bev Franklin (nee Duncan),


Close link to our teams

Thank you, Charles Napier, for your comments about my football club Glasgow Rangers.

 Before you start criticizing us please look at the history between Glasgow Rangers and Sunderland FC, there has always been a very close link between the two clubs, ie Jimmy Baxter, Ally McCoist, Dick Advocaat to name but a few.

 Sunderland supporters and Rangers supporters have always had a healthy respect for each other, in fact, I know of at least three Rangers supporters clubs in the Sunderland area, and they watch Sunderland one week and Rangers the next.

 We are the third best supported in the UK. We regularly get 43,000 attendances – not bad for a team who play in the Scottish championship?

 Can I also a point out that the collapse in Scottish football was in no mean part due to Dick Advocaat’s reckless spending – buying players way above their real worth (remember that when your chairman gives Mr Advocaat £50million to spend this summer).

 It’s easy for people to knock us when we are down but we are a massive football club and I’m confident we will be back in the SPL next year where we belong. By the way, thanks for Ally McCoist.

Scott Andrews,