Letters, Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Our party loyalty is very misplaced

FAMOUS for being loyal and faithful supporters of their sometimes faltering football team, the Mackems also showed loyalty to the Labour Party at the ballot box.

But is our loyalty misplaced where Labour is concerned? Like the other two once major parties, they have forsaken our cause. How many of them actually reside in our world?

Most of the crowd who presided over, and were responsible for, the near demise of the UK economy and the decimation of British jobs were products of the Westminster assembly line. Successfully avoiding proper jobs, they waltzed to power, posing as researchers, speech writers or bag carriers, only to emerge as clones ready to perpetuate the old system by being offered safe seats in Parliament.

Our loyalty was not rewarded when Blair went to war with Iraq and Afghanistan. Our best interests were not served when he opened the borders to allow 2.4million Europeans into British jobs, but his image on the world stage did go from strength to strength. Despite being one of the worst Prime Ministers Britain has seen, Blair commands an after-dinner speaker’s fee equal to the average UK worker’s take home pay for two years.

Ironically, the number of UK unemployed is also about 2.4million, a million of whom are young people awaiting their first job. Meanwhile £30million, which could train some of these youngsters, is sent to the EU in benefits for relatives of Europeans working here.

As a nation we contribute £12billion to overseas aid, more per capita than any other nation. As individuals we give more to charities than most, so it would not xenophobic or mean spirited to show a little prudence with the allocation of British jobs.

I think not, but it may be that the majority of us are happy to play host at the EU’s pleasure, I am sure however, it is time we were able to declare whether or not, in the ballot box. So should we carry on voting as before or do we change? Change.

Denis Gillon

A crucial issue

EVERYONE is talking about immigration and it’s not surprising – it’s a crucial issue.

Some people think that left-wingers are pro-Europe, but this is not the case. Many left-wingers believe that the ‘free movement of people’ is simply the commodification of labour, and they are right to think so.

When poorer workers are brought in as cheap labour they will obviously undermine the existing workers, and their rights.

While we must not condemn the poorer workers, we must wake up and fight against the commodification of labour.

Lesley Aitch

Always helpful

I WOULD like to congratulate Councillor Tom Wright on his re-election to the St Anne’s ward.

Labour might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Tom has represented St Anne’s very well over the past 12 years and his door is always open.

D Swann