Letters, Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Roadworks are taking too long

IT is virtually impossible to earn a living as a taxi driver at the moment due to the new so-called square being built in the Gill Bridge area – not to mention the roadworks everywhere you go.

 My earnings, as well as those of many other taxi drivers, have dropped by about £30 a day due to queuing in tailbacks at the back of Marks & Spencer, which is making us late for customers.

 This is also hitting buses and couriers who have schedules to keep to.

 Why can’t this work take place at night? They work nightshift on motorways and in other big towns, so why not ours?

 I have been told that the work is well behind schedule and may not be done until after the new year, which sounds just like the work on the Alexandra bridge a few years ago.

 I’m sure I am not the only one who feel this way.

 Maybe we should all start claiming for loss of earnings.

Name and address withheld

Answer is simple

IT was heartening to see that our Ryhope councillors, on reading one of a couple of letters on derelict buildings in Ryhope, have written as one to address this problem.

 For those not living within the boundaries of Ryhope, the buildings in question are two empty public houses on Ryhope Street South and at the top of Black Road.

 Of the three councillors, only one lives in Ryhope so the other two have some form of excuse in that they don’t have to look at the buildings on a regular basis.

 However, Coun Alan Emerson lives one street away and must see these buildings on a regular basis – I know I do.

 It’s strange that it has escaped his attention that the buildings have been empty and are gradually falling into disrepair.

 There is an increasing build-up of rubbish within the back area, a growing hole in the roof and a flimsy board to stop access at the rear of the building. May I suggest, that the councillors contact the estate agents that own these buildings to make them safe and secure?

 I am available to the other two councillors to show them where these buildings are as they live outside the area.

Bryan Foster,

UKIP candidate (Ryhope)

A great solution

AT last a letter from Mick, The Pen, that makes sense. I refer to his eloquent response to the weeding debate.

 The unemployed should be made to pick up litter and weeds. In the spring and summer especially, weeds grow at an alarming rate and the council simply does not have the manpower to control it.

 Many people do show responsibility by keeping their verges tidy while many others seem to think that it’s the council’s problem.

 The unemployed have had it easy for too long and while The Pen may have stirred up another hornet’s nest, there is no doubt that this would be a solution to the ongoing problem.

Mr J Leach,