Letters, Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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It’s all a load of rubbish

I am confused by the figures given as the cost of fly-tipping in Sunderland (Echo, July 1).

 There were 2,476 incidents of fly-tipping in 2013/14. Total cost was £81,708, of this £66,528 was spent on investigating the problem. Does this mean it costs £15,180 to remove the rubbish?

 I suggested at the Millfield residents’ meeting, which took place at Saint Mark’s on Wednesday, July 15, that a spy camera be installed in the back lane of Granville Street and Lime Street to gather evidence.

 The answer was: No you cannot have one as they cost £3,000 each. Spy cameras should be used on a temporary basis at those places most frequented by fly-tippers.

 It was stated at the meeting that a disproportionate amount of the city’s resources are spent on clearing rubbish from Millfield.

 Nicky Rowland, an area response manager based at Jack Crawford House, is doing a good job and two members of her team, Carl and Ryan, are quick and efficient in removing the dumped items from my back lane. As they have to make so many collections in my area, they are known by their first names by some of the residents.

John Watson,


Bargain hunt is revelation

Now my hair has turned to silver and I’m three score years and ten, I’ve had to become very humble because of low income.

 However, I have discovered some amazing things.

 One of the things I found hard to believe was trying 24p soups and 59p sausage casseroles from Asda which, quite honestly, were the best tinned food tastes I have ever tried in my lifetime.

 I also now save a lot of money in pound shops and it’s fun finding bargains.

 However, I always have to rush around these shops otherwise I would be tempted into buying bargains I can well live without.

Jimmy Chambers,


Not a popular leader

We get the same old rhetoric from Marjorie Matthews (July 16) in support of all things Tory and Margaret Thatcher.

 May I remind her that Mrs Thatcher was so good that her own party turfed her out of office. Another poll she may well not be aware of was on Radio Newcastle at the turn of the century when listeners were asked to vote on the man and woman of the millennium as well as the most derogatory person.

 Churchill was voted man of the century, Ellen Wilkinson woman of the Millennium and Mrs Thatcher got the vote for the last position.

 I would ask Marjorie Matthews to go into any of the former pit villages in County Durham and ask how popular Mrs Thatcher was. Her memory is still hated to this day.

AA Kelly