Letters, Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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Best interest is not party loyalty

THE forthcoming General Election will test the strength of Ukip and we are disillusioned by this Government, wrote someone on June 20.

 The election will test more than our strength. It will test our memories, common sense and whit.

 We will need to remember that the previous mob waged war on the Middle East, causing enormous and well-documented loss of life, creating the mess we see in the Middle East today.

 We’ll also need to remember that Brown got his so-called “boom and no bust” economic strategy backside foremost and virtually bankrupted the nation. So common sense dictates that to re-elect Labour would surely be madness. If we believe that Ed Miliband has the wit and wherewithal to be Prime Minister of this country then we deserve all we get.

 The notion that Right or Left are political positions to which we must adhere, is over simplified and outdated. For instance, Blair introduced PFI (Private Finance Initiative) into the NHS.

 The scheme was devised under Thatcher but she considered it too radical or right wing to implement, and there are countless examples of so-called right wing parties adopting so called left wing policies and vice versa

 So to adopt politics traditionally seen as leftist because that is what our fathers did, is not necessarily us being loyal to our roots, but to follow the EU brand of federalisation with Europe is positively alien to our fathers’ beliefs.

 We do not buy BMWs because they are German and they do not buy Nissans because they were made in Sunderland, but we do throw perfectly edible fish back into the sea and accept criminals into our midst, simply because we belong to the EU.

 Do we really want this nonsense to continue?

Denis Gillon

All sour grapes

IN reply to L Coates’s letter about the tribute to the miners (June 26), I found the letter to be full of sour grapes and jealousy.

 The miners and ex-miners are well aware that there is a strong element of those who have no love or respect for the ex-miners living among us.

 However, that is beside the point. The point is that a rose by any other name is still a thing of beauty, but it also follows that a heap of rubbish is still a heap of rubbish, even if it is preceded or followed by the word art.

 The so-called tribute is the biggest eyesore in the whole of Seaham Harbour.

 It is so ugly that even the local vandals have not tried to “improve” upon it. A shortage of 10-feet barge poles, no doubt?

R Tomlinson,


Weed out troubles

WEEDS, weeds everywhere including Palgrove Road, which looks pretty much like Backhouse Park – terrible.

 Nearly every estate looks terrible.

 Yes, the council has to make cuts, but why not make community payback people do it.

D Swann