Letters, Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

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No change to road planning disaster

All of the alterations at the Wheatsheaf six-way road junction, presently ongoing, are being paid for by Tesco as a negotiated part of the planning application for their new store at what was the Sunderland Retail Park.

The planning permission happened two years ago. Isn’t it true that the retail park failed because of the one-way traffic giration?

This was a response to my inquiry at Sunderland Civic Centre to the complaints officer.

My question was for a statement on whether or not the road alterations would bring about a change from the antisocial one-way road system round Roker Avenue, Church Street North, Dame Dorothy Crescent.

“The alterations will not revert to two-way traffic in North Bridge Street.”

This road planning disaster has been in operation since the mid-1960s and the costs to the general public in petrol an diesel can only be guessed at … and without doubt, then, as now, it is a transgression of the Government planning policy guides – ie road planning should be such that people can travel by the shortest distances.

The Town and Country Planning Act, in its first paragraphs, clearly states the enactment was made to serve the public interests. It does not imply the enactment should determine where people should spend their cash with a total disregard for how they are enabled to earn it,

Herding people around Sunderland by a sinister manipulation of the road system to serve the pecuniary benefits of bus companies and city centre business monopolists, and now Tesco, has aways been considered as normal by our city council and its employees.

Matters related to planning permissions are not considered to be within the remit of the Local Government Ombudsman ... so there is no way to make complaints about the apparent maladministration.

Ron McQuillan

Thanks for help

WE would like to thank the man in the Gentoo van and the family in the car who stopped to assist Mrs Hazel Green who fell and broke her hip in Newbottle on the morning of Sunday, July 8.

She was on her way to church when she fell, and she is now on Ward D43 and making steady progress after her operation.

The family would also like to thank the ambulance crew and all staff on this ward for their care and support.

Mrs Green’s daughters, Elaine and Pauline, and extended family

Servant of city

MY name is Paula Wood. I am the daughter of the late Councillor John Donnelly. After reading the recent article in the Sunderland Echo “Tribute to the late Colin Anderson” by members of the Sunderland Council, I feel very saddened. I do not wish to overshadow the tribute to Mr Anderson in any way, but I felt myself asking why wasn’t my dad given the same or the like of.

My dad served the city of Sunderland for over 35 years as a councillor for Silksworth. He worked tirelessly for not only his ward but for the city. He was behind many good changes to the city, serving on many committees, the list too long to mention, and also as a deputy leader. He was governor for Silksworth Juniors and also chairman of Silksworth Community Centre for many years.

How honoured I would have been for my dad to have been recognised also for this work, which he always loved and gave 100 per cent to at all times.

When I lost my dad we did receive many written tributes. For those we were very grateful. After my dad died, unfortunately most of the last year was spent looking after my mam, who I also sadly lost in February. My mam also worked hard alongside my dad in all he undertook with full support.

So now that I am trying to come to terms with my losses of two of the most treasured people in my life. I will myself be having a bench placed in the Silksworth area, where my dad and man were happiest, in memory of my beloved mam and dad.

I hope the new Sunderland Council when reading this letter feel ashamed that they could not honour my dad in some way. However, it is all too late now.

Paula Wood (very proud daughter of the late John Donnelly), Crossways, Silksworth

Wrong location

I MUST protest that the proposal to build a mosque on St Mark’s Road next to Aldi.

This is a main cut through to Chester Road which sees quite a lot of through traffic. The area also has a nursing home and vulnerable people’s houses. The building is going to be unreasonably large and will bring in more people from other areas, doubling the amount of cars, noise etc at very early hours.

Surely there must be other areas that can be taken into consideration. Would the planners and councillors like this building outside their front doors? I do not think so.

Mr R. Johnson, Regal Road, Millfield