Letters, Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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Street cleaning is a full-time job

I READ with interest the story, The Seafront Scheme Awash With Praise (Echo, July 4) and I agree, having seen for myself the transformation of the walk and promenade. However, can the council arrange to have this beautiful change maintained now and forever?

 The same evening as the article appeared a letter from Mick, The Pen, advised us all to “take responsibility for your weeds”.

 Having lived for the past 16 years at the bottom of Sandpoint Road (leading down to the Marina), I cannot tell you how much litter my neighbour and myself clear from time to time.

 I have written in the past concerning the residents’ disappointment at the lack of cleaning in this part of the world.

 The bank is never touched, the sweeper is seen occasionally but it cannot reach the bank and its deposits of tins, bottles, polystyrene boxes, not to mention doggie rubbish – only the gutter is cleaned.

 The summer months hide so much, but when the leaves begin to fall, we have even more of the same rubbish plus polythene bags hanging from the trees.

 Rounding the bend at the top of Sandpoint there is always an intake of breath when the Marina and boats come into view, but don’t look to your left – it’s the great let down, all the rubbish and weeds sitting on the bank.

 Come on, council, spare a few shekels for our beautiful Marina.

 Sorry Mick, my neighbour and I are 86 years old, bin bags and forks are not for us.

 Once again Dame Dorothy School, thank you for your clean-up a year or two ago, but we shouldn’t have to rely on our children to clean up the mess around us.

 My only wish now is to hope the new seafront will be looked after better than Sandpoint Road.

J Mc,


Redevelop pubs

THE plans the council has published for Fee Terrace are a grave mistake. I am 86 years old and I love Ryhope, relatives of mine have lived in that street, and I wonder why the council should consider such drastic action?

 It would make more sense to take over the derelict eyesores, such as the pubs. The owners obviously have no intention of doing anything with them.

 The answer is, the council should compulsory purchase them and develop the site.

Mr F Mason,

Tunstall Bank

Welcome in store

IT’S a fact of life that people don’t go to church in the way that they used to which is why, at St Paul’s Church in Ryhope, we’ve hit upon a new idea.

 Why doesn’t the church go out to the people? Consequently, we’ve just opened St Paul’s shop on Ryhope Street South, opposite Ryhope Community Centre.

 We stock a whole range of new and preloved items, ranging from clothes and toys to handmade craft items, all at bargain prices.

 We also hope that it might be the sort of place where people call in for a chat. Why not call in and have a look? We’re open Tuesdays to Saturdays.

The Rev David Chadwick