Letters, Wednesday, July, 15, 2015

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MP’s to vote on hunting

On July 15, MPs are to vote on amendments to the Hunting Act, which will effectively bring back hunting with hounds in England and Wales.

 David Cameron knows that a majority of MPs would not vote to repeal the Act so he is using these ‘adjustments’ to try to re-introduce hunting by the back door. A key amendment will allow a full pack of dogs to flush out a fox, so that the fox can then be shot.

 However, everyone who knows about hunting knows that the fox won’t survive long enough to be shot, because he or she will be torn apart by the dogs. Indeed, in Scotland, where using a full pack of hounds is already legal, undercover film has revealed that many hunts don’t even bother to take guns with them.

 Allowing a full pack of hounds to flush out a fox will mask traditional hunting, and so it will be virtually impossible to bring prosecutions under the Act. Hunting will be back.

 The vast majority of the public are against hunting, but many MPs are not, so the vote in Parliament is likely to be close. I would urge readers to contact their MP immediately and ask him or her to vote against this legalisation of savagery.

Richard Mountford,

development manager,

Animal Aid.

Don’t punish all anglers

So, the council might be “forced” to close the pier to anglers because of vandalism and theft that has been attributed to fishermen.

 Using the same logic, I would like to propose a ban on all dogs on all of Sunderland’s beaches and footpaths because some dog owners allow their pets to foul the beach/footpath without cleaning up after them.

 I would also like to see a ban on all cars because I read somewhere that people drink and drive.

 The problem of theft and vandalism on the pier is a separate issue to allowing angling on the pier, and should be treated as such.

 Is there a hidden agenda here? Does someone on the council or at the Port of Sunderland want to see an end to fishing from Sunderland’s piers and beaches?

 If so, come out and say it, don’t use the actions of a minority to punish a large section of the Sunderland community.

William Dodd,


A magical performance

Congratulations to everyone connected with the production of The Wizard of Oz at the Royalty Theatre recently. The singing, acting and costumes were first class. Well done!

J Knightley,