Letters Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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Society in plea for ‘friend’ volunteers

THE Alzheimer’s Society team here on Wearside is looking for people who can spare two or more hours a week to provide companionship to people with memory problems.

 That is because our new befriending service has been launched and we need volunteers who are patient and understanding, to spend time with people with dementia, helping them take part in social and recreational activities.

 By doing this it will significantly improve their wellbeing and reduce the risk of isolation, which is one of the biggest issues facing the 3,450 people who now live with the condition in and around Sunderland and their loved ones.

 Volunteering may take place by telephone, one to one in the service user’s own home, or in a group setting.

 Our befrienders need to be good communicators and enjoy working with people, but you don’t need to have any experience as training will be given and you will have full support to carry out your role. Expenses will be paid.

 I would ask volunteers to commit to two to four hours per week, and ideally be able to volunteer for at least six months in order to provide consistency for our service users.

 Anyone who would like further information should contact me for a chat on 564 0890.

Faith Walkwell,

Befriending Manager,

Princess Of Wales Centre,

Hylton Road,

Sunderland SR4 9AG

Philosophy is key

JOHN Watson’s letter (January 3) may well strike a cord with many people, as they look around and consider that things are getting madder, and as he illustrates more difficult to comprehend and cope with.

 Mr Watson suggests that we might take refuge in philosophy and he’s right. I would say that we might even take-up meditation if suitable. But, I would also add that we could do as he so sensibly suggests, and maybe even consider taking action against what we believe to be wrong or detrimental to us as a society.

 And if this is the case, I would suggest to those people who have access to the internet that they check-out ‘38 Degrees Campaigns – google it and see what you think. I would make one further point that, anyone attempting to take up politics would be well advised to accept that they could be banging their heads against a brick wall.

Euan E Tipe

Lifetime of learning

IN the past people learned their trades by going on courses to learn the skills they needed.

 Now they expect people to learn skills within weeks and standards have gone out of the window.

 Ship building took years to perfect and is now dead within the North East, but if they tried to revive the trade who would have the skills?

 People who want to a learn trade nowadays should realise that to become true craftsmen takes years of learning and not just a short course.

Edwin Robinson,