Letters, Wednesday, January 29, 2013

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City to gain nothing from new authority

HERE we go again, the proposed amalgamation of Durham and Northumberland Councils, just another tier of bureaucracy.

 Do the people in Sunderland have such short memories? What did we gain when we had the last Metropolitan Authority – nothing.

 We paid in to the Metro and how long did we wait for it to come to Sunderland?

 Newcastle boomed, but we went bust.

 All the bus and rail routes are channelled into Newcastle. We will end up like Gateshead, a place of no substance, just a dormitory town-city, ha!

 Let’s get rid of the Tyne and Wear prefix and revert to Durham.

 I can’t for my life think that this council would even consider doing the same again. However, looking at its track record over the last 40 years, the council evidently has no pride in Sunderland, otherwise it wouldn’t even consider closer links to Newcastle.

 Do the people of Sunderland want to be part of a greater Tyneside, because that is what it on the hidden agenda?

 It’s time to change the political ground swell in Sunderland, vote for change, vote for UKIP even.

 Sunderland is such an important place at the moment, it can’t even get a place on the weather forecast.

IW Pallace,

Ford Estate

Bid to find family

I AM researching my family tree and I am appealing for any information, no matter how insignificant, regarding my ancestors.

 My mother, Margaret Baird, was born in the York Street area of Sunderland on August 12, 1922.

 Her parents were Charles Baird (a boat builder) and Margaret Ford, and she had one younger brother, Edward.

 Mum left home in her early 20s, after the death of her mother in 1932 and her father’s remarriage in 1936.

 By this time the family had moved to Kingston upon Hull, where my mother met and married my father, George Dixon, in 1948.

 I was never told exactly why mum left home and did not return.

 However, the consequence of her decision to cut family ties was that she did not see her brother Edward for almost 50 years.

 Happily, they were reunited shortly before their deaths, thanks to an appeal broadcast by Radio Humberside in 1996. A further consequence of mum’s decision to cut family ties is that I never knew my grandfather, despite the fact that he did not die until 1965, when I was a teenager.

 I have neither photographs of him, nor of my grandmother, and no photographs of my mother taken before her marriage.

 I know nothing whatsoever about my grandmother, except that her name is given as Margaret Ford on her marriage certificate and that her father appeared to have been a James Wilson.

 Any information that anyone has regarding my family will be very gratefully received.

 It will mean a great deal to me and to my brother and sister to know a little more about mum’s early life and her family and her friends.

 I can be contacted via email, janp53@live.com or letter, 13 Beeleigh Link, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 6PH.

Jan Pallett

Excellent care staff

I AM writing to thank all the staff of Hendon Community Care, in particular Ronnie, Dot and Sandra.

 Recently, they have been caring for my mam, Cath, and they have never been less than courteous, loving and gentle.

 They represent all that is good in society and I wish them all the best for the future.

 To anyone thinking about care for themselves or their relatives, I can definitely recommend this company.

 They don’t just provide care in the Hendon area, but all over Sunderland, so no one should have to lose out on good quality care.

 Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jean Jackson and the family of Cath Lincoln,

High Barnes