Letters, Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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Bill is of concern to all road users

IT would be easy to ignore or dismiss Mark Dollar’s letter (January 9) as boring, as it’s about current legislation.

 However, it is of real importance to the general public, whether a motorist or not and to those who have an interest on the issue of fracking (especially if they own a house above a site to be ‘fracked’).

 The Infrastructure Bill, now under discussion by this Parliament, could have outcomes which have the potential to really impact on all motorists, rich and poor alike.

 For example, if our roads do become privatised and tolls introduced, poorer people might find themselves using more congested, less well maintained, and altogether slower roads, whereas wealthier people will be able to afford the tolls and therefor have the use of the better roads.

 As Mark Dollar states anyone who finds this disconcerting and would like to do something about it should go to www.fairdealforthemotorist.org.uk/handsoff.htm.

Euan Tipe,


Two wrongs do not make a right

IN response to M Brown, of Hendon, recently, I would like to point out that nowhere in my letter criticising the present Tory Government and its management of the NHS did I ever defend the previous Labour Government or its abysmal record of achievements while running the country.

 However, two wrongs don’t make a right and, like it or not, the Tories have been in charge for four years and have to accept responsibility for their massive failings.

 Although, I don’t believe a Labour government has all the answers, I fear for the country if the Tories are given another four years in charge.

M Mcardle

What’s the point of having pension

I AM writing regarding the working people in this country.

 I am 59 years of age. Like a lot of people, next year I was looking forward to my bus pass – but it is not to be.

 I now find I can’t retire at 65 but have to wait until I am 66.

 These silly people in power – you try doing manual work in your 60s.

 I intend to do light part-time work when I retire.

  I don’t intend to just rot in retirement, but the Government is living on planet Zonk.

 I feel this country’s back is broken due to the massive welfare bill which goes out every year.

 My parents worked all their lives.

 My dad worked all his life and now pays full rent, full council tax and pays for dental treatment.

 If he had not paid into a pension he would have got it all free.

 Makes you wonder, doesn’t it.

P Garnett,