Letters, Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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Confusion reigns over state of NHS

RIGHT wing politicians, doctors and the media are causing deliberate confusion regarding A&E and the NHS.

 Need medical attention, advice? Can’t get an appointment to see your GP?

 No call-out at weekends and some closed half days. Can’t access a walk-in centre because it is shut or has been closed by the Tories. Tories who said there would be no reorganisation of the NHS – the NHS would be safe in their hands.

 They said there would be no cuts to services, no cuts to care, no cuts to staff, no cuts to funding.

 Patients are now unable to access facilities that they need, when they needed it. So what happens when they can’t see their own doctor, or go to a walk-in centre? They have go to A&E, clogging up their system of quick response emergency treatment.

 Why has this happened?

 The continuous privatisation of the NHS goes on and on by all parties.

 No one is addressing the root cause of the overwhelming of A&E departments and the NHS.

 Tory cuts and privatisation of the NHS is destroying the idea of medical provision at the point of need.

 The Labour Party and Aneurin Bevan in 1948, gave us this medical insurance policy that we all pay into.

 The Tories under Churchill, along with most of the doctors, voted against it.

 Bevan said to get the doctors onside, ‘he stuffed their mouths with gold’ – and they did well financially.

 They also got a good deal from ‘Tory’ Blair and his Thatcherite New Labour.

 Now they are saying that they can’t afford to give the service they are rather well-paid to do. They even considering charging for surgery appointments and visits to A&E departments.

 Doctors have an affluent lifestyle with upmarket homes, cars, holidays. What money goes in to the GP’s surgery.

 Their pay and conditions need to be re-negotiated. There should be a fair deal for all health staff and a fair deal for the nation.

Mr W Laws,


Weighty dilemma

I WATCHED Weight Loss Ward (ITV) on Tuesday, January 7.

 Having been born in The General, as it was then called, and living many years in Sunderland, the documentary made me proud of the excellent work done in the hospital.

 Its excellence in tackling the obesity crisis is nationally recognised.

 Terry’s attitude made me even more proud. He clearly deserves NHS funding in overcoming his health problems.

 Unfortunately, Laura’s attitude left me feeling the opposite. She failed to appreciate the help offered and lacked any self-discipline. Fancy going on the family holiday abroad when her surgery hung in the balance.

  Why are NHS funds offered when they apparently had the money to contribute?

 Others in Sunderland have more urgent health problems.

 Let’s hope we can all feel proud after programmes two and three.

Barbara McFarlane,


Amazing generosity

ON behalf of President Pat Emmerson and the members of the Rotary Club of Seaburn, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the management, staff and customers of Morrisons supermarket, Seaburn, Clays Garden Centre, Washington, and Sainsbury’s supermarkets, at both Fulwell and Wessington Way, for their invaluable help in ensuring that our Christmas collections were a great success. I would also like to thank the residents of Fulwell, Roker and Seaburn for contributing to our Santa sleigh collections.

 All the money raised will be used locally, nationally and internationally to help others that are not as fortunate as ourselves.

 The generosity of everyone, in this time of continuing recession, never fails to amaze me.

 We look forward to seeing you again later this year.

Rotarian B Franklin,