Letters, Wednesday, January 14, 2015

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Politicians already on campaign trail

IT looks as if the General Election campaign is already under way.

 What amuses me is the way Alex Salmond, Nigel Farage and Peter Robinson all believe they will hold the balance of power afterwards. There is one person who knows he won’t be part of a future coalition – Nick Clegg. He’s finished.

 Personally, I think it would be hilarious if Salmond puts Ed Miliband into 10 Downing Street. How would the Tories down South like that? Salmond is really telling Scots, vote for me and you’ll get a Labour government at Westminter.

 Here’s an even crazier scenario. Salmond, who campaigned to break up the union, becomes UK Prime Minister. Remember he’s run a minority administration before.

 Will Tory Eurosceptics do a deal with Farage? Will Vince Cable lead the liberal lefties into an alliance with Labour? Isn’t it exciting?

 There’s one prospect that would wipe the smile off my face, if the Tories form a Government with the support of their old allies the Northern Irish Unionists. That would be bad for the country, but especially bad for the peace process in Ulster.

Henry Whipple,


Unfair criticism

ONCE again Sharon Hodgson MP has a completely wrong analysis of the present crisis in A&E departments in the NHS.

 The present crisis has nothing to do with funding or under staffing but centres around the winter virus, which is sweeping the country and the additional holiday pressures which occur at this time.

 It is grossly insulting to NHS staff who are carrying out a heroic job in difficult circumstances for Labour Party politicians to continue criticism of the NHS performance.

 It once again displays the political and moral bankruptcy of the Labour Party.

Dennis McDonald,


A shipping snub

IF Sunderland City Council is serious about keeping car parking charges down (Echo, January 6) why not organise a car boot sale in the multistorey car parks?

 Edinburgh has a giant boot sale on every Sunday in a multistorey car park, right in the middle of town. Why don’t Sunderland councillors pop through some time and see how successful it is?

 Then again it would appear that it never occurred to them to pop through to Hartlepool to see how successful the renovation of the Trincomalee was (not to mention HMS Warrior) before they snubbed the Adelaide.

 Strange how just before Christmas they roped in the ex-Mayor of Hartlepool to tell us how wonderful it is to host the tall ships race though.

R Tomlinson,


A true memorial

I AGREE with R Tomlinson’s letter of a few weeks ago, about Keel Square, that the seats be named after our shipyards.

 This would be of local historical interest and a memorial to where a lot of people worked.

R Rylance,