Letters, Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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Change needed if city is to thrive

IT is time to stop this pointless name calling whereby individuals express their festering malice about rich kids from Eton or scroungers from the underclass.

 It reduces the letters column to a juvenile playground. Frankly, I couldn’t care less if we had MPs educated on the playing fields of Timbuktu if they brought prosperity and jobs to Wearside.

 We should be judging our politicians on their actions and results, particularly if we claim to be a democracy.

 This whole concept falls down if we have each side voting for one side because their grandfathers voted one way or another 90 years ago.

 Yet another writer has recently suggested that the closure of Remploy factories was a fact enjoyed by the Conservatives as if Labour had an unblemished record in that sphere of employment.

 In September 2007 Peter Hain abused these very workers by announcing closures and then raising hopes of securing their positions only to dash them after the Labour Party conference a month later – a very cynical act from a supposedly caring party.

 In truth the closures have been caused by the EU preventing us from directing work to Remploy (making them loss makers) and an over zealous civil service implenting EU regulations, unlike the French and others who appear to pick and choose which regulations to apply.

 The Socialist Worker Party was extremely vociferous in its criticism of the Labour Party at the time so we can hardly blame right wingers who are mostly keen on leaving the EU for this state of affairs.

 Forty years or more with one party in power in Sunderland has seen a steady slide to mediocrity as never a week goes by without a letter to the Echo slating the state of our city centre. We have selected intellectual pygmies to represent us who have done well for themselves as our economic status has declined each decade.

 Give me three Independents removed from the party whip system and I may believe we have politicians putting the interests of Sunderland first, regardless of their family backgrounds.

 Continue as we are and there is little hope of an upturn, regardless of who is in power.

K Leary,

Cleadon Village

No need for rise

I CAN say with some experience that one thing that Northumbria Police prided itself on was its relationship with the public and Northumbria Police Authority.

 A whole line of Chief Constables and Chairs of the Authority from the likes of Sir Stanley Bailey, Lord John Stevens, Councillors George Gill and Mick Henry worked hard to build up a successful partnership making Northumbria Police the envy of other police forces.

 With the stroke of a pen the present Police and Crime Commissioner, Vera Baird, has alienated her colleagues and ruined 30 years of trust and hard work by her high handedness and arrogance.

 I can say with cast iron certainty that there is no reason whatsoever to raise the council tax precept.

 During the election campaign I went through the police accounts and during my discussions with the old authority agreed that provided the Coalition Government issued a grant to freeze council taxes, which they did, then there was no reason whatsoever to raise the tax.

 Indeed I indicated that there were one million pounds of savings to be made by challenging the bureaucratic nature of how the police budget was managed.

 Sadly this Commissioner has ignored governing with a light touch and barged in, spending finite public money on employing people in needless roles and currently has only identified savings of £70,000.

 I urge the members of the Police and Crime Panel to take a long and hard look at the financial plan and vote against the budget proposal.

Phil Butler

Not good enough

AFTER the proposed meeting for the Waste Transfer Station in Hendon, submitted by SITA, who with the help of the council, was given permission to go ahead.

 SITA arranged a meeting with so-called local residents, to say how it is going to tackle the situation.

 The company had a splash in the local paper saying that it had sent out 800 letters inviting residents to the meeting.

 However not one letter was sent to any of the residents of Corporation Road.

 We should have been first port of call.

 We addressed the fact that we had not received letters at the meeting and the company apologised.

 However an apology is not good enough.

 It only left us all thinking that it didn’t want any of the Corporation Road residents to attend the meeting.

Les Bute,


Vote to be British

A REFERENDUM is to be held in the Falklands to confirm whether or not the Islanders wish to remain British.

 Can we have the same referendum, as I also wish to remain British?

Gordon Tomlinson,