Letters, Wednesday, February 4, 2014

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Shocking state of our A&E

I WOULD like to thank those who came to help me when I fell as I stepped from the pavement in Fawcett Street on December 8.

 I was badly injured and in shock but so grateful with firstly seeing Billy running from the number five bus queue and putting his jacket around me then phoning for an ambulance, only to be exasperated with the control centre, shouting: “How many more questions are you going to ask me?

 As Billy switched off his phone, Pc Ross said to ‘get back and tell them the woman is badly injured and has to have an ambulance’.

 Worse was to follow but assurance was given there and then by Kevin, from the St John Ambulance.

 It took A&E staff seven hours to attend to me. To add insult to injury, I was initially taken to Pallion drop-in, yet I had a broken ankle, tibia and fibula.

 I was also given much comfort from Albert, from Tunstall, a wonderful gentleman holding my hand throughout this trauma, together with Norah, a lovely lady from Silksworth, who came into the ambulance and the drop-in and kindly waited until my daughter came looking for me. A million thanks to you all.

 My sincere gratitude is also extended to my surgeon and the medical team, including district nurses and home support, for whom I cannot have enough thanks and praise.

 Our Prime Minister, Mr Cameron, has bulldozed our once admired NHS.

 He praises his success of the economy yet is blind to the neglect of millions when in need of medical attention.

 Meanwhile the lies continue of the deficit being reduced yet borrowing, he has more than previous governments. And worse, because he shows blatant contempt as he ignores the unrest caused by the injustices of our indispensable emergency and medical services.

 He saw fit to rubber-stamp an 11 per cent pay rise to already very comfortable ministers, while our nurses had their one per cent binned.

 He and his Government condone destroying people’s pension rights with no concern of the safety or wellbeing of this nation’s emergency crews. They are all professional and deserve to have their rights respected.

 Words fail me.

Irene A Dalzell,  

High Barnes

Theatre research

I HAVE in my possession two photos taken when the attendants at Sunderland Empire were dressed in old-fashioned maids dresses for the show Tuppence in the Gallery on Monday, April 8, 1963, I think.

 In one of the photos there are three attendants plus David Round, who was the stage manager, and the chief electrician Tommy?

 Does anyone know Tommy’s surname so I can complete the naming on the photos? He was also on a photo when my late father was presented with a tankard for over 50 years’ service in theatres in Sunderland on Monday, January 18, 1965.

 Many thanks.

George McCarthy,